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Yakfinities #59 - Choose The Theme

- Creatures
- Jakku Thugs
- Imperial Defectors
- Han Solo Variations
- Maz Kanata's Pirates
- Guavian Death Gang
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- Mashups (crossovers between species/different movie themes/etc)
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By Utinniii
'sall good. They are broad enough that many categories overlap. (I'm assuming. Thanks for the spoilers BTW) Put Fin with a creature =Ep 7. Mash up = any other category renamed. The only one that is harder (but not impossible) is the Han variation one.

I can easily think of one submission for each category. I'm excited about this one too and I still have 3-8 unfinished figures for the scavengers contest!
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By Utinniii

Raj-raji works as a Press-ganger for Moosnsqurl. Gonkwinkle tazes the victim (who feels threatened by a Gonk?) and helps cart him/her/it back to their ship the Natale.


Body is Jar-Jar with MIB (Borris?) jacket. Head is a Mctoy from an old TV show about Dimosaurs. This also qualifies as a Mash-up!
TFA Gonk is a Model Magic custom (notice the taller TFA legs!)

So, now that that's out of the way, when do we discuss what the next contest is???? :twisted:

Crewmembers of Bune's Vengeance-After plundering ships in the Western Reaches, the crew of Bune's Vengeance like to stop by Maz Kanata's castle on Takodana to unwind and spend their booty. Three frequent visitors from the ship are Gonos G'hut, FM-42B, and Negrun
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That's a sweet droid their MDHJ. I think she is also the statue in the front of the cantina. I find it hard to choose which figures to make if I don't know if a Hasbro toy will come out. This is one I would want to tackle.

DA: Nice trio! They really have that pirate look. I also like that Gonoos is huge! Maz had a lot of different sized aliens in her company.

I think I have to disqualify my first entry since I posted it to early. I guess I have to make some more! :P
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