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Yakfinities #60 - Choose Wisely

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Tribal Aliens
Resistance Forces
Mini Scenes / Dioramas
Entertainers / Performers
Stormtrooper Variants (Imperial / First Order)
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By Starchaser
Chewie - The paint job on that Dewback looks amazing! It totally fits into the Rebels-esque style.

Utinniii - Luggabeast turned out really, really well. This was a fantastic build!
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By Utinniii
JawaKing wrote:Another great custom! Wow, the customizers are really showing up Hasbro this year!

To be fair, they set the bar really really low! :P

Thanks you three. In my rush to post during my lunch break I forgot to mention that the head moves so it has 1POA.
My BB-8 was also customized. In addition to painting the red and white dot on his lens (with glossy coat) I also painted the antenna and the light/dark blue and red lights on his dome and body.

In the future I might make make a scratch-built Teedo with bow legs. If I do, I will add the foot supports to my Luggabeast. (You can't boil and pop his legs, or at least, I couldn't.)

My custom thread has the templates I made if anyone want to try making their own.
By MCScoobyT
Thanks Utinniii! Your Luggabeast is top notch... really crushed it this round, nice job!

The Zillo started as a DARK AGES SPAWN The Samurai Wars MALEBOLGIA II Action Figure
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By Starchaser
Here's my second entry:
The Stava - a predator with great endurance hailing from Honoghr (home of the Noghri from the Thrawn series). The stava is mentioned in the Essential Guide to Planets and Moons. This is the only source for a reference image, which is a black and white line drawing. The image makes the stava look essentially like a dog. I took some liberties with the image in creating this creature as a result. I chose the color based on the premise that as a predator it would have camouflage for the tall grasses of pre-contaminated Honoghr. I also thought the dog look was a bit uninspired, so building on the more reptilian nature of the Noghri, I made the stava more of a repto-mammal, while trying to keep the same basic idea as the drawing.

This particular stava is named Nhukhu and is part of a stava pack that was domesticated by the Noghri and consequently survived the catastrophe on Honoghr.



Here Nhukhu is pictured hunting with his owner Kharnubachk

Nhukhu is made from the body of a "Terra" brand (found at Target) tiger and the head of a Schleich velociraptor. I obviously added the ears and I enlarged the eyes as well.


PS - I didn't include the reference image but it can be seen on the Wookieepedia site entry for "stava."
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By darth_sidious
I'm loving this challenge, because its inspiring me to make customs that I've wanted to do for years. My next figure is Loje Nella from ROTJ (Jabba's Palace). I was hoping this would be released by Hasbro - but since they and LFL have shifted focus, I decided to sculpt one myself. I like the idea of moss being on its body, not just his head, so I expanded outside of what the original puppet displayed. I also gave him a webbed paddle on his tail to make him more of an aquatic species.


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