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Yakfinities #61 - Vote!

Tribal Aliens
Bipedal Droids
No votes
First Order Army Builders
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Custom Dioramas (any size)
Battlefield Medics/Surgeons
Expanded Universe (pre-Disney)
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By Utinniii
I’m making a plea for dioramas. At first, I didn’t like the idea because it seemed harder, but as I thought about it, I realized that it would be an excellent choice. They can be large or small, so it doesn’t have to be to labor intensive or large scale.

First, Summer might be a good time for this challenge, as some of us will have more free time (or less school responsibilities).

Second, several of us are creating Photo novels, and this will allow them time and focus to create some of their backdrops.

It will also give everyone a place to display their awesome customs. We’ve put in a lot of work so we should show them off in a cool display.

It has the advantage that it can have any (all) the other suggestions (throw some tribal aliens on a cliff face), be of any era, and most importantly, will be challenging for most everyone and might take some of us out of our comfort zones.

It might also be just the excuse needed for someone to finally tackle something they've put off for far too long.

Droids or vehicles would be OK, but if given the choice, I’m voting for dioramas. Who’s with me?
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By Utinniii
For the most part, unless we do left-handed Rebel hair stylists with comb-overs, I have stuff from pretty much any category. Heck, I could do another 3 months of creatures and still not make it a quarter way through my wish list.

I prefer broader choices since they offer more diversity and it is easier to find parts. I have many more astromechs than protocol droids I want to make, but I also have war droids, communication droids, concept droids I also want to make.

(someone is going to second the stylist now, I know it)
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By JawaKing
I like the "Battlefield Medics/Surgeons" suggestion, as well as "Protocol Droids." Also, I am still a fan of Tribal Aliens. I have even less time in the Summer, as I am stuck inside all Winter. Struggling to get my Creature done for this month.
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By Utinniii
Well, the most people that have voted (recently) is 26 so all horses are still in this race.

I'm hoping it wins too. If it does, I'll be voting tribal aliens next time. Jawaking has patiently waited long enough.

If I had my way, the next 4 contests would be Tribal, EU, Mash-up, then vehicles. The first 3 being popular choices over the last several contests and the last one being a good challenge. I put it last since we would need a break between it an Dioramas, and if we knew it was coming then we could start gathering materials for it.
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By JawaKing
Thanks Utinniii for the plug! I know if Dioramas wins, I don't think I'll attempt to do one. Too little time to sit in the workshop in the summer months. But I still have hopes to get my Creature finished in time. I'm still hoping for a break after Creatures to do something simpler before going on to larger projects like Dioramas or Vehicles.
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By Utinniii
I completely understand that some people will have time/space restrictions.

However, I hope people make an attempt anyway. Remember, it doesn't have to be big, or permanent. (And if you don't make one you can still participate by commenting on every one else's dioramas.)

The interior of the Good Ship Natal (in my Rathtar photo) took less than half an hour to build, and many of the backgrounds I've done have taken less than a couple of hours. My Jawa on the repulsor sled took 5 minutes because I took it in a natural setting.

Print out interiors, screen shots and do something for the base; add some figures and accessories and you're done. Think of the Kenner cardboard playsets.

Plastering some foamboard or styrofoam makes for quick buildings.

My hope is that people build dios for their existing customs or figures. That way half the work is already done.

I'm not really trying to convince anyone to do something they don't want to, I just really enjoy talking about dios (like some people enjoy talking about sports)!
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