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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
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By Evilivo
Lugo_matapollos, this is an extremely good custom! I liked this alien very much and was hoping (in vain) that Hasbro will come to make him, but alas. Thanks for the recipe. Amazing sculpt work and the leather straps with metal buckles are a great touch - I like to work in this style, too :)
Also, mousedroidhoojib , man - your customizing speed is incredible - the way you deliver more and more new and complicated stuff amazes me! This shuttle is a killer!:)
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By darthmac
Droooooool. Awesome job. I'm so annoyed we haven't gotten this character in the 3 3/4" sa line. So awesome! A little how you did it would be great.
To celebrate the online release of Rogue One today, here are several new shots showing the progress of the 1:18 scale U-Wing I've been designing and building. All that is left to do is paint.

I updated the template package to include photos that show how the detailing is done. The engines get the most work. This update also includes color decal sheets.

I don’t anticipate the need to release another update, as far as my own work on this project is concerned. So, I think I can say with a sigh of relief that I’m finished! :)

I will put up photos of my U-Wing in the future after I’ve painted it. I’d like to get this done before the Blu-ray release of the movie, but I’m predicting this is unlikely with my work schedule.

I do hope others will make their own U-Wing from these templates, and add their own features and enhancements to it. (Feel free to host the zip package if you want.) After all the work I went through these months, I’d love to see others pick up what I did and share their own work with the SW toy customizing community!

“U-wing 1-18 scale templates w UPDATE 1”


By OC47151
Sgt. Zayne Dremine is a pathfinder whose used to being first-in, last out on Rebellion missions. When he heard about the Scarif mission, he immediately volunteered even though he knew it was a suicide mission.

When this contest was first announced, I consulted the RO Visual Guide and trading cards, etc... for inspiration. After the research, I kept coming back to my original idea based on a WWII British paratrooper/commando. Someone who was rough and tumble.

Recipe: I used the arctic combat Snake Eyes with the hood removed. The torso is painted and dry-brushed multiple colors of green, brown and tan. Wanted to capture the look of the British Dennison smock. The legs are painted/dry-brushed brown and tan.

The head, helmet, rifle and backpack are from the Endor Rebel commando that came with the '07 tin set. Love the head sculpt, and couldn't find another that captured the essence of RO as well as this one.

The bandoleer is from IG-88.

The mines tucked under his arm are from a GI Joe set.
RO rebel commando 2.JPG
RO relbel commando 3.JPG
RO rebel commando 1.JPG
By OC47151
While that's my official entry, I did a couple of other Rogue One customs.

A pair of Rebel pilots. Used the head from the Marvel Agent 13/Sharon Carter on a spare female Rebel pilot body, and random Marvel head on a Dutch Vander figure. I dry-brushed their uniforms because the pictures I saw in the Visual Guide and trading cards had them a little dirty.

In the Jedha marketplace, a pair of Imperial officers are spotted walking among the booths. I used a spare Veers head on a Red Skull body, and painted the trenchcoat grey.

I still want to create one of Saw Guerra's crew but haven't gotten around to it.
RO imp.JPG
RO pilots .JPG
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By Starchaser
There have been some amazing customs this round. Kudos to everyone (the U-Wing is amazing!). I've had little time, things have been exceptionally busy in the Starchaser household. I had all but given up on posting anything for this contest, but then I had a quick idea for a simple head swap that might work. So, while not complicated, nor what I originally planned (and assembled parts for), here's my submission:

Zal Dinnes: formally of the Tierfon Yellow Aces, now part of Red Squadron (callsign Red Eight:


Recipe: just a Plourr Ilo body with a Marvel Infinite Emma Frost head (neck peg dremmeled down to fit)
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