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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
Here's a bonus item that will be in the Accessory Pack: templates and instructions for building this rotating gun mount. You'll be able to put this inside the U-wing's troop hold, aiming it out one of the side doors. I'm trying to design it so that most of the missile launcher accessories that come with the Rogue One figures can fit on it.

I deliberately designed this to be a toy-ish, asking hypothetically, if Hasbro made a U-wing at 1:18 scale, what play elements might they include in it? Now you can put those action figure missile accessories to good use!



That's looking pretty cool.
As I have yet to hear back from my partner, I'll post the last version he made before giving up. I asked for but never got the original files so I could fix it. I regret mentioning that I would post it as it is unfinished. I hate it when people are waiting on me. If it ever gets finished, I'll post it here.
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The pilot seats and control panel glued together. (The left seat is set back a little for K2.)


Current status of the Accessory Pack -- I'm well ahead of schedule! Just working on the decals*, and taking instruction photos for the guide.

* -- Blank decal templates will be included to invite anyone who has better art skillz than me to design their own decals for the interior. My limited drawing skills only allow me to create Kenner old-school style art. :)
Prizes were shipped last week to all but forum member Cantinascum, who has not sent me shipping details yet. I held off on shipping for a bit because I was hoping to do all at once. I shouldn't have waited so long.

I know it takes a little while for the prizes to get there, and I did use the cheapest method they say is available (sorry - was still $13~ per figure to ship and the next class up to Europe ends up being quite a bit more).

It came in the post yesterday, I wish Ebay senders from the states were that quick!!

revdarth wrote:No worries, I'll let you know when it gets here :D

YAK_Chewie wrote:Well, I certainly waited longer than I should have. Sorry about that. :(

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