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By Utinniii
Hi all,
I joined Yakface about a year ago because I was invited to partake in the Scavengers Yakfinities contest at the time. I was really glad to have joined since this is such a fun community. In fact, I made it a point to invite at least 2 new people to every contest.

One of the first things I did was comb the archives to see what great submissions people submitted. Imagine my dismay when I discovered that as the contest go older, the photos in them started to disappear. After awhile, whole contests were devoid of any pictures.

I'm starting this thread in the hopes that some of you 1] kept a copy of the thread for your own records 2] have a photo archive of your own figures and 3] got images from other posters so you can copy the recipe. (I think since they posted them originally, they are giving us permission to repost them now.)

To this end, I'm hoping you will put the photos here with Contest #, artist, and salient details. I think it might actually be nice to have them all in one thread.
Perhaps the big Roundup collage can be added at the end to each contest and this thread can be a running visual record of everything all in one place.
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By YAK_Chewie
Let me see what I can do. We had some server issues but I think most of them are stored in an old ftp folder somewhere, but I've had extreme difficulty extracting it. I do know it will be a very big task to do this and time is really at a premium for me with work/family/kids. I barely have enough time anymore to even customize.

But, I will look into this.

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By Utinniii
Photobucket just changed its policy.
This, and other sites like it will be decimated by its actions. So much is lost now.
Older posters that have since moved on (both literally and figuratively) won't even realize their legacy is gone.

I hope someone archived Karaoke in the Cantina.
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By Utinniii
Before I sign up there, are there any other recommendations? What are the pros and cons? I'm also a Mac user.
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By Utinniii
I have multiple back ups of my files. I prefer cloud based storage for editing/filing purposes.

I've been checking out "View Image Info" on pics to see what hosting site is popular.

Imgur was mentioned, but 1] the popularity contest and rude comments don't appeal to me and 2] I can see it becoming a time suck.
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By Jodo
Before Photobucket, there was another website that hosted images. They did something similar, but instead locked accounts and then you could buy your pictures back on a CD. I don't remember what that site was...

For now, I'm gonna try to re-save stuff that is 10+ years old that I probably have on CD's somewhere. My PN is THANKFULLY backed up on The Photonovel Alliance, but I also have the digital copies (both edited and not) on my laptop.
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By Utinniii
You might want to take the time and re-edit anything you didn't like before you repost them. Do it like you always envisioned!

But yeah, I'm going to double check my files and make sure I have dupes of anything on Photobucket.
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By Utinniii
In case anyone was wondering what the free service for photobucket looks like:

Of course, once I touch this, another add zooms to the front and then yet another add blocks everything. It takes about 30 seconds to get where I want to be, and ads often cover the album names.

I'm in the process of trying to download my albums. It takes a couple of minutes to get permission to download it (and often crashes). If you opt for the email notification to download, the link they send hasn't worked for me 3/4 times. In 2 days, I've successfully downloaded 4 folders.

EDIT: Chrome worked but Firefox didn't. Then suddenly, they switched. I've had a couple of hours where I could download so I've got most of my photos back. Waste of a day though.
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By Jodo
For anyone having trouble accessing photobucket because of the pop-up ads...I used my phone to save pictures, and it was much quicker than the desktop site. I recommend that way, although there were numerous occasions where I was essentially stopped dead in my tacks, and I had to start over at their main website. What a joke.
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