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Self Customs
Tribal Aliens
Fan Fiction First Order Troops
Fan Fiction Rebel Alliance Troops
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By Utinniii
3 very popular choices have been Mash ups, Tribal Aliens*, and vehicles/transports.

Teams and droids have gotten a few votes as well.

2 new ideas: Pets and sidekicks.

* has come in second or third place several times now. Show JawaKing some love!!!
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By Utinniii
All new ideas seconded!

I especially like the "me" one. However, if that was the choice, I would probably only do one submission ("Me" in a mask is cheating IMO). Leia has the same problem. This wouldn't affect anyone that only does 1 submission but people like Mousedroid that makes lots each contest may find this one a little boring. In the gripping hand though, one can make figures without having to enter them in a contest, and can also make Leia or "me" as part of a team.

A fun idea might be to make something based off of a completely different SW "thing" and let us guess what the original object was that inspired.
For example, an alien's head that was inspired from the shape of an X wing.
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By Utinniii
They are all good choices!

I only just noticed one can see the results without voting first. I've been voting blind the whole time!
TA all the way!
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By JawaKing
No question on my vote (thanks Utinniii for the love) but there are some great ideas here! Medics and criminals were tempting. In the future perhaps... We'll see what wins. I'm ready to get tribal!
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By Utinniii
A few contest ago I did the math as saw what the most popular choices were. We have 4 contests a year with 3 choices (the 4th being the new movie). I'd have to go back and check but I think Imperials, Mash -ups, and vehicles are the 3 most popular choices we haven't done yet. Once they are done, the secondary choices will become our first choices.

In the end, it doesn't matter since they are nearly all good choices and I'm sure most of us can come up with at least one figure per contest.
I will always vote for something I know is dear to the rest of you.
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