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Yakfinities #66 - Choose the Theme

Junk Droids
Holiday Theme
The Unexplained (go creepy/weird/etc.)
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By Utinniii
I can't resist a pun! I was talking to my gay friend and realized "camp" had another meaning.

I voted for Holiday since this contest has the most holidays in it, but "unexplained" is much more fun.

EDIT: Since this is #66, I'm surprised nobody suggested order 66.
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By JawaKing
I'm glad to see "Entertainers" getting some votes. I didn't vote for it this time, but it could be a great theme next Spring after the likely TLJ theme. Actually, I would be in for any of these ideas down the road.
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By Utinniii
I was aware of the previous 66 contest. I was just surprised no one else made the connection.

With the exception of not having an Imperials choice, all the choices here have been the most popular choices for previous contests.
I'm pretty sure that 3 of them will be done in the following year.

Even though we still have some time to vote, I'm pretty sure "Unexplained" is the winner.

With that in mind,

It was widely understood that the Royal Guards were highly trained in martial arts and assassination, but few lived to tell of their mastery of the art of Dance!

(Disregard if another theme wins!)
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By Utinniii

Created in a lab, one of the many Sith creations.




Body is a Venom figure with a McToy left hand.
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By darthapathy
Protean Proteans are sentient beings indigenous to Nathas I in the Questal sector. Their natural state resemble man-sized blobs of protoplasmic clay. They are able to change their shape and mold it into other forms. They can even change their coloration allowing them to blend in with their surroundings. This allows them to hide and capture prey easier.
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By Jodo
mousedroidhoojib wrote:Had The Clone Wars continued through to its planned seventh season, Clone ARC Trooper Echo, CT-1409, who appeared to have been killed in the third season episode "Counterattack", would have made an unexplained returned as a cyborg, controlled by the Separtists.

Wait, they turn him into a Borg? Well that's different.

I think I have 6-7 figures waiting for this round. If I can find time to get to them I will!
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