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Choose the next Yakfinties Theme

Junk Droids
Self Customs
The Last Jedi
Winter/Cold Weather Characters
POTF2 Upgrades (remake a POTF2 figure using newer parts)
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By jorsupersid
For lack of a better idea... I'll jump on the WINTER THEME.

It seems "open" so anything could work.

Now if ya wanted difficult... I'd vote for POTF2 KITBASHES ONLY. That gives you plenty of parts to recycle. An forces you to be creative.
By jorsupersid
OC47151 wrote:If it's a winter theme, I've got my fingers crossed for real snow to add to the realism!

Lol... You and me both... That last 3 years I've planned shooting outside... So far I Have gallon bags of figures and boxes marked Hoth. So I've been really itching to do it.

It snowed here in MA on Saturday but was very lack luster. Could've shot something but would've been lame. The rain washed it all away by now.
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By JawaKing
I liked all of these, except maybe POTF2 Upgrades. I hope some of these other ideas come back around. I went with the theme that I had the most good parts for.
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By darthapathy
JawaKing wrote:I went with the theme that I had the most good parts for.

That was my logic for the category I voted for as well. A lot of good choices but only a few that I either have fodder for or could easily get.
By jorsupersid
YAK_Chewie wrote:Well after seeing it... I'm going Cold Weather gear.


Haha. I had a feeling lol. I hope it doesn't go that way myself... Since any of the other options are more interesting. And not to mention the only ones I'm interested in for TLJ are probably going to be made anyways (or honestly already produced).
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By Utinniii
There are a handful of aliens I want to make from TLJ, but no dioramas. That might change after a second viewing.

I also want to point out that I made my "spoiler" of Chewie and the Porgs as a joke as I hadn't seen the movie yet. I wouldn't actually spoil the movie intentionally. Only a jerk would do that.
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