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By Utinniii
YAK_Chewie wrote:Guaze Malbus is hilarious. You never seem to run out of ideas, lol.


Thanks! Ideas no, time yes. I still have a half dozen things for this contest. If I do 3 I'll be happy.

Now for some gratuitousness.

Lenknee is a Kushiban Ecologist and is currently studying the various life forms of Lettitgo. While Kushiban usually go naked, Lenknee (K is silent) wears a harness that holds his journel and recorder.



Schleich Bayala toy repaint
Custom paper harness with metal ring.
By OC47151
Not one, but two entries!

The Hoth ski patrol! Believe it or not, there is a little down time on Hoth, and for those troopers who get lost or injured while exploring, it's the ski patrol to the rescue! I used the vintage Hoth Luke head on a Hoth rebel trooper body. The skis, poles and snowshoes are from Gi Joe's Snow Job.

And a long-range recon patrol on tauntaun. These troopers are out for extended periods of time patrolling Hoth's frozen wastelands. It's the basic Hoth Rebel trooper accessorized with Commander Faie's smock and hood so he can better blend in with the environment. A pair of macrobinoculars are slung across his torso.

My area had an unexpected 6 - 8 inches of snow on the first day of spring, and I had to take advantage of it. The real stuff looks better than anything I could've whipped up with clothe.
long range patrol 2.JPG
long range patrol 2.JPG (88.87 KiB) Viewed 2573 times
long range patrol.JPG
long range patrol.JPG (96.92 KiB) Viewed 2573 times
ski patrol 2.JPG
ski patrol 2.JPG (80.97 KiB) Viewed 2573 times
ski patrol.JPG
ski patrol.JPG (81.08 KiB) Viewed 2573 times
I only managed to get one custom done for this round. Just too busy. :(

Rebel Scout Trooper - Stationed up to 100 kilometers from Echo Base, these troopers were assigned in pairs and outfitted with special survivalist supplies to protect them from the harsh cold weather on Hoth.


head - TVC Hoth Luke
scarf - TVC Hoth Luke
torso - TVC Colonel Cracken
arms - TVC Colone Cracken
hands - fodder bin
tunic - TAC Rebel Honor Guard
legs - TLC Hoth Han Solo

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By Utinniii
3 humans and an Ewok bunny!

The humans look like they would survive the cold temperatures of Hoth. They made me feel cold just by looking at them.
I feel the skis needed a futuristic paint job or greeblies so they look like space skis.

The bunny's a babe but she still needs a beard! (Insert LOTR Dwarf joke here). Now I regret not buying the Ewok multi pack. I waited for it to go on clearance and then never found it.
Utinniii: your spider and rabbit look pretty neat! The paint job on the spider is great and I really like the look/shape of the ears on the rabbit!

OC47151: Great troopers! CDR Faie's gear works great on the trooper! I really like the ski patrol trooper! It reminds me of those retro looking "Echo Mountain Ski Patrol" and "Ski Hoth" posters!

JawaKing: I know I end up saying this each time, but this is now my favorite of yours!!! You keep out doing yourself. It really looks fantastic! I spotted it on eBay, which is what brought me here. Fantastic!!!

Chewie: I'm really digging the look of your trooper! The Cracken upper torso works great! I also really like the looks of the trooper in the background (left side of the pic). We need another pic of the "background trooper"!
EndorJunkie wrote:Chewie: I'm really digging the look of your trooper! The Cracken upper torso works great! I also really like the looks of the trooper in the background (left side of the pic). We need another pic of the "background trooper"!


^ There's a pic, I made those guys a few years ago. It might have been for a past Yakfinities, I can't even remember. :oops:

JawaKing-Another fantastic Ewok. You should make the "beast" that she got her cape from. :wink:
Chewie Really dig the Rebel Scout Trooper. That Cracken figure is really versatile for Rebel troops. I'm thinking your other troopers were from the Rebel Militia Yakfinities.
Finally had some time to finish the second project (too late to take pictures in the snow though):

A Cold Weather Ops Mandalorian specialist:


Head - POTF Boba Fett
Body - Lanard "The Corps" Ogre
Additional bits - POTF Boba Fett (I cut the arm weapons, leg pouches and armor off a Boba Fett figure and added them to the base body)
Backpack - POTF Obi-Wan cold weather gear (concept)
Gun - from GI Joe fodder
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