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By EndorJunkie
I haven't been on in about a week and there are already some great customs showing up!

r1g4r3po: Great looking Thrawn and Gov. Pryce and your AT-IC is fantastic!

mousedroidhoojib: Nice cloak for Ahsoka and the sculpting on Quarrie is top notch!

Utinniii: I'm really looking forward to seeing your Purrgil!
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By Starchaser
Great entries so far!

r1g4r3po - I really like how your armored Thrawn turned out.

mousedroidhoojib - As always, excellent work. I like Quarrie, really nice scuplting. The cloak for Ahsoka is excellent - she looks fantastic.
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By mousedroidhoojib
Having disabled his inhibitor chip and escaping from carrying out Order 66, Captain Rex CT-7567 lived on Seelos with fellow clones Gregor and Wolffe, eventually joining up with the Spectres rebel cell, reuniting with Ahsoka Tano, and rising through the ranks of the Rebellion To Restore The Republic where he took part at the Battle Of Endor.


Reference, recipe and turnaround animation can be found in my customs thread.
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By r1g4r3po
Another quick Hasbro could've easily done in the mission series line: ZARE LEONIS
77 z.png

77 h.png
.....the angry young man variant, lol
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By r1g4r3po
...and another Hasbro mis-step. Shoulve've been the TFA line repack..SITH INQUISITOR (PILOT HELMET)
77 gg.png
77 uu.png
(I know not 100% screen accurate, but that's all I had to work with, plus it kinda goes w/ the Biggs TIE pilot helmet mis-step w/ the open face...which I may have an extra in my parts bin..hmmmmm)
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By r1g4r3po
another quick creation...WEDGE ANTILLES (TIE PILOT GEAR)

originally I had an old potf2 Han Solo head on this body as a customized Hobbie fig w/ a customize Rebel TIE until I came across one of the Previews excl set. That fig been lying around in my parts bin ever since. Then when this challenge started and I posted the Sato pics, I remembered I had a potf2 Wedge head (body was used above for Dagger Squad) so I swapped the heads an now made Wedge as TIE pilot. Since he was in pilot training, I felt the open face helmet was acceptable and then I decided to go old school Kenner style w/ grey boots and gloves.

So w/ this figure, another figure is obvious and may be ready tomorrow to reveal, but I may do something w/ the TIE fighter too...
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By r1g4r3po

orange wash on hair is not showing up well in pic. She had to "borrow" Wedge's helmet for the time being as I seem to have just 1

Gonna work the TIE Fighter soon, but may knock out a few more figs in the meantime
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By Utinniii
Just a heads up. has had their Domain seized without notice. They moved to for now, but all the links are broken. I hope they fix this soon.

First Photobucket, now this.
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By mousedroidhoojib
Outfitted with a AJ^6 cyborg construct, the Rodian Tseebo worked for the Imperial Information Office on Lothal where he was privvy to classified information that proved useful to the Spectre Rebel cell.


Reference, recipe and turnaround animation can be found in my customs thread.
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By mousedroidhoojib
The childhood encounter with Clone Troopers Boil and Waxer left such an impression on Numa that when she took up arms against the Empire in the Free Ryloth Movement later in life, she wore clone armour pieces and a dedication to the brave troops who helped protect her when she was younger.


Reference, recipe and turnaround animation can be found in my customs thread.
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