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By my kind of scum
I've been away from customizing for a long time (had a big move that drug out for far too long and star wars fans have made me like Star Wars a lot less lately but I digress...) but I hope to get back to it soon (just found a box with custom fodder but I still haven't found my paints). I've loved popping in here from time to time and looking at all of the Yakfinities figures. Always a great community here as well. Hopefully I can get something done for the next Yakfinities.

I love everything I've seen in the thread - especially Old Jho and Ryder!
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By Utinniii
I've included the back of Jho here.

My Lothal Characters are pretty much done for now, although I see a LOL cat in the future.




I hope to finish at least 6 more entries but am running out of time.
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By Starchaser
Fabulous entries so far. Great job everyone!

Its been a challenge, but my time finally opened up enough to complete a figure for this contest. Cham Syndulla, based on his Rebels appearance:


I don't have access to all my fodder, so I will likely replace his belt with a better facsimile later.
By OC47151
An articulated AT-DP trooper. He's seen zipping around on Lothal in the first episode of Rebels.

Used the AT-AT figure for the basis. The chest armor came from the Imperial gunner, and the shoulder armor from a clone trooper. The helmet is from the AT-DP figure but I dremeled a hole into it so it would fit onto the neck post. The head is a spare Dutch Vander I had lying around.

For the armor, I chose a darker grey. I've seen pictures of other customs of this figure and some chose a blue-grey for the armor. I watched the episode several times and found a good picture in SW Stormtrooper: Beyond the Armor that showed a darker, almost black. Also did a basic black wash to make him look dirty.
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By r1g4r3po
I wanted to do more but due to double laser eye surgery, I was not able to work on customs as well as I wanted, nor was I able to attempt to repaint that custom TIE into Sabine's wild colored TIE. My eyes would not allow me to focus on all that detail. Anyways, I was able to complete these last 2.So in order of appearance on the show...
Minister Maketh Tua (used IJ Spalko body, w/ a bit of dremeling, and an old potf2 leai collection Yavin head w/ skulpty added.)
sss6.jpg (57.63 KiB) Viewed 2050 times
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By r1g4r3po
...and later on in the show....Ryder Azadi (TLC/TVC PT Obi-Wan head, random GIJoe dollor store figure (I think) hence a tad tall, McQ Rebel top half helmet, vintage Rebel Commander/Luke (Hoth) rifle
sss4.jpg (59.73 KiB) Viewed 2048 times
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By darth_sidious
Great work all around - so many cool characters that I never expected to see in action figure form! Also, I love the creatures - missed opportunities on the part of Hasbro!

I've been piecing together a Boba Fett, based on the last outfit he was wearing in the CW series, which I'm assuming he may have worn in Rebels, had we seen him. He might be wearing his OT armor, or perhaps his Holiday Special deco, but I went for an outfit that hasn't been made as a figure yet:

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By Utinniii
I finally finished my Purgill. They were one of the first Rebels creatures that I started. They are all different. Kinds and from different episodes.
I just need a bigger Star Destroyer.

I am also including the owl creature we see in the time gateway.




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By I-am-Boba-Fett
Here is my entry, I've been super busy as of late so I went with a more realistic approach on a variant of an AT-DP Pilot. This is my take on what I'm calling a custom IMPERIAL TROOP TRANSPORT GUNNER figure. I pictured him riding in the back of Imperial transport vehicles as extra security for troops or cargo as they are loaded/unloaded. He features a custom painted AT-DP Pilot resin cast head, removable armor, blaster pistol with working holster, rifle, and has lots of articulation.

By OC47151
One more entry from me.

Looks like a normal stormtrooper, right? It's not. SA Kanan Jarrus in stormie disguise. Had to whittle down the neck post to get the head to fit.

I had a couple of extra Kanan's around. Don't know why I bought so many; can't resist a sale I guess. Used an extra stormie body I had lying around.
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rebels 1.JPG
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