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By r1g4r3po
that's cool ^. Those were the days when Hasbro would actually produce removable helmet figs. That does give me inspiration IF the blue-ray set happens to be train heist theme and repack of Enfys is included. 0r if one of her gang members is and needs a bike and I find one w/ Enfys on clearance in the future. Although, I guess the 4 pk could be centered on the scene/location (I forget planet name atm) where she did reveal her identity at the refinery. In that case, Hasbro should have a removable mask version
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By darth_sidious
Thanks, didn't realize there were replies until now. Like r1g4r3po, I miss the days of alternate heads and removable helmets. With Enfys, I cant see them doing a removable helmet because it would make the mask so soft that it would likely distort the spikes / blades. Considering the status of the movie, I doubt we'll see an alternate head, so I had to make one myself, I used a SpyKids head as the base and repainted everything, including the skintone.
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By Jodo
That is awesome!! Excellent choice and customization!

I am hoping to have around six entries for this round. I haven't customized for a while, but I have had fodder set aside for months now to work on some Jabba goons.
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By Utinniii
Wrack and Ruin

In the outer rim, when the expression “Wrack and Ruin will befall you” is used, a quiet chill fills the air. These two enforcers are merciless in their tasks. Wrack is used for her brute strength and intimidation. She is known for pulling the arms off of Wookies for sport.
Not that it helps her prey, but she can usually be seen (or smelt) coming, although she is surprisingly stealthy for her size. She only bathes once a year so she is covered with the remains of her victims.

Many assume that the red tips of her head appendages are her eyes but they glow to attract insects and small predators. She uses the stalks to trap and pull her prey into her maw. She actually senses her environment with the small bumps on her head.

Ruin is rarely seen or heard. His flight and small size allows him to bypass most security measures as sentries usually look down and don’t consider air vents and other tiny passages to be a source of entry. Ruin’s bones are soft so he can squeeze through any cracks his slicing tools can get through. He is especially skilled at slicing and disarming security systems.

The courier droid won’t know what hit it, and it’s remains will be found whenever the packing crates nearby are finally opened.



Wrack is a random figure I found that was missing a head. I replaced it with the body of an ant. (I wanted to use it in a project since I used the head and abdomen in other projects). Zuvio’s BAW blades are her weapons (not that she needs them).
Ruin is a random figure with paper straps, Rose’s zapper and the antenna of a Rogue 1 backpack.
Random droid body with a Korean Model head.
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By darthapathy
Great entries so far.

Since I didn't have any fodder for Rebels, I've been waiting patiently for this category to come up. I've already had some ready to go and here they are.

First up
The BaronThe mysterious figure known only as The Baron, has established quite a criminal organization on the backwater planet of Stessa III. The Baron earns his income through extortion, smuggling, and various other illicit activities. Rumor has it, he also has controlling interest in or outright owns legitimate businesses that also garner revenue

Body-TLC Jeremoch Colton
Head-?????? (it's a mystery)
Arms-TBS Mosep Bineed
Cape-TBS Captain Phasma
Helmet-TSC Death Star Gunner
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By darthapathy
Nat Xam Like many of his species, the Nimbanel Nat Xam once worked for a Hutt. Nat worked as an accountant for Vorga the Hutt keeping the books in order and "clean". After Vorga's "untimely demise", Nat decided to go into business for himself. He used some of the money he had put away and called on some of the old contacts and business partners of the late Hutt. He decided the best course of action was to set up shop on an out of the way world. He chose the backwater world of Stessa III. Little did he know that there was already an established "organization" there. After a few tense encounters with the Baron's employees, Nat offered up a compromise and a treaty was formed. Nat's organization deals mainly in illegal activities such as money laundering, forgery, counterfeiting, and slicing. Nat also has a few legitimate businesses and a representative of the Alien Quarter in Stessa Prime Spaceport.
Body-TAC Evolutions Count Dooku
Head-TBS Mosep Bineed
Hands-TAC Clone Trooper; Training Fatigues
Shoulder armor-TBS Imperial Royal Guard
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