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First Order Troops
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Solo: A Star Wars Story
By MCScoobyT
I though about doing a Lady Proxima, but mousedroidhoojib's is so badass, there is no reason for me to head down the (white) worm hole!

Digging through my box of figures, I was inspired to try a quick and dirty Knights of Ren remix (simply swapping parts, pieces, helmets and clothing). You know they will play a substanale part in IX now that J.J. is back!

Where were the Knight's of Ren during StarKillers destruction of the New Republic's government and fleet on Hosnian Prime, the Resistance's destruction of StarKiller Base and the Battle of Crait???... Off doing the 1st Orders CRIMINAL work across the galaxy of course! That is when they weren't having Frat Parties on Mutusfar at Darth Vader's Sith Castle, studying ancient baddies at the Malachor Library with the Darth (lackie) Jar Jar (wannabe) Ren, or moonlighting with Maul and Crimson Dawn on Dathomir.
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By Utinniii
JawaKing wrote:Great stuff here already! I'm inspired now to do some kind of speeder bike thug. Or something else.

Cyclopean Monocroned Aviating Palatinate Bioform Devourer Crime boss?
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By JawaKing
Utinniii wrote:
JawaKing wrote:Great stuff here already! I'm inspired now to do some kind of speeder bike thug. Or something else.

Cyclopean Monocroned Aviating Palatinate Bioform Devourer Crime boss?

LOL! Or something else...
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By r1g4r3po
here's my 2 minute entry....DARTH DEEZNAY ROH-DANTE. His(? maybe her) background is virtually unknown, yet always been around despite appearing as a newcomer. Once Roh-Dante enters the scene, no classic heroes, be it amiable smugglers, ruthless bounty hunters, jedi masters and even royal princesses, are safe. Roh-Dante is also highly skilled at rewriting history from a galaxy far far away...Roh-Dante's moto regarding anyone's devotion to the classics is....
(took me longer to come up w/ mini-backstory than it was to cobble these random parts together)
zzzc.png (475.65 KiB) Viewed 1924 times
zzzb.png (546.58 KiB) Viewed 1924 times
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By mousedroidhoojib
Concept art for the character who became the villian of Solo, Dryden Vos, showed various styles of creatures intended to be filmed with motion capture performances. One such concept by Martin Rezard featured a very avian looking character with bright coloured clothing.


Reference, recipe and turnaround animation can be found in my customs thread.
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By Starchaser
Excellent submissions so far everyone! Roh-Dante is a little too funny for "its" own good:) I might have to do a diorama entitled the "Downfall of Deeznay." I must say that the concept Dryden Vos is really excellent!
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By YAK_Chewie

^ Just threw those together today... both are no paint kit bashes, and I figure both Han and Chewbacca are considered "criminals" now after their actions in Solo: A Star Wars Story. Both are simple but I really like how they turned out.

Han Parts List
head - TVC Bespin Han Solo
vest - TBS Endor Han Solo
holster - TBS Endor Han Solo
rest - TBS Carbonite Han Solo

Chewbacca Parts List
bandolier - "Solo" 5poa Chewbacca
blaster - "Solo" 5poa Chewbacca
rest - TBS Chewbacca

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By Starchaser
Nurox: A cyborg created by the Arkanian Renegades during their conflict with the Arkanian Dominion. Like his much more notorious comrade in arms, Gorm the Dissolver, Nurox survived the conflict. Late in the conflict, fearing cruel reprisals from the Dominion, several Renegade scientists put their children in hiding. They took one of their most devastating creations – Nurox – off the battlefield to function as the bodyguard for their families. This was the avenue for his survival. After the Dominion offered amnesty to the children of the Renegades, they were retrieved from hiding, but Nurox was left behind because the scientists knew he would be destroyed. Nurox found the role of bodyguard much more enjoyable than frontline soldier, so he traveled the galaxy selling his services. After several jobs, he found a long-term “home” employed by the Black Sun Underlord as bodyguard to various Vigos and, when necessary, as an Enforcer.


Head: Kre-o Klingon
Torso and Legs: Iron Man Weapon Assault Drone
Arms: Comic 2-pack Yuuzhan Vong
By jaghearse
mousedroidhoojib wrote:After Boba Fett's hired elimination of his rival Klin Kartoosh, the elderly Sise Fromm was the undisputed kingpin of the crime syndicates of the Annoo system and a keen study of the Tarkin Doctrine.


Reference, recipe and turnaround animation can be found in my customs thread.

Again, fabric work is just exquisite.
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By r1g4r3po
some may not consider Cassian Andor a criminal, others like the Empire would...So from a certain point of view, here is "Imperial criminal" Cassian Andor in Imperial Officer disguise. Simple head swap, although I used an extra Biggs TIE pilot head (remember all the talk weather the character was Biggs or not when 1st images from Rogue One first appeared? so it seem fitting , no pun intended, to use Biggs for this custom). The body is actually from the Luke in Imperial disguise EU 2-pack and later another part from that 2-pk will be used for another villain that I'll post later today or tomorrow along w/ another Rogue One "villain" who is almost dry from paint touch ups
cassian b.png
cassian b.png (472.9 KiB) Viewed 1690 times
cassian a.png
cassian a.png (529.47 KiB) Viewed 1690 times
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By r1g4r3po
OK these are ready to show off....Captain Phasma w/ removable helmet (used Phasma from R1/TFA 2 pk) and Deena in disguise from same 2 pk as mentioned above) I wanted to completely dremmel out the helmet to make it actually fit over her head and hoped to actually let the dremmel wear thru part of the face area for a battle damaged TLJ look but I must've misplaced my smaller dremmel bit. If I do find it, I'll update
phasma a.png
phasma a.png (669.52 KiB) Viewed 1681 times
phasma b.png
phasma b.png (568.19 KiB) Viewed 1681 times
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