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By r1g4r3po
And here is G2-1B7, Saw Gerrera's Medical Droid. Like Cassian, some may or may not consider Saw and his gang villains or criminals, but as long as the Empire does, I guess G2-1B7 counts as well. Repaint vintage 2-1B w/ new mask/tube from random parts and HK-50(OR 47- the silver one, I forget which is which atm) arms. S/He is holding a black molded lightsaber hint from EP1 accessory set that w/o silver highlights doesn't really look like a lightsaber hilt so it works as a medical tool for now
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By johnmorog
Here is my 1st entry (I have another almost finished). I was hoping for a solo challenge so I could enter the figure in the background, but you can find more pictures of him in my personal thread. Dryden was a quick custom, the mando took a little more time. Thanks!

Dryden Vos and ancient Mandalorian armor.
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By EndorJunkie
Here is my first entry, Captain Benton Greiger. Greiger was born and raised on the expansion region planet of Dura-Kahn. He left his home world as a young man and set out into the galaxy seeking adventure and riches. For many years he worked for the Black Sun crime syndicate smuggling spice and trafficking weapons. Following the death of Xizor and the crumbling of Black Sun's criminal empire, he began taking whatever jobs payed the most credits. Eventually he made a name for himself as a pirate. However, he considered himself to be a more civilized pirate, one with morals, and preferred to be referred to as a "privateer". He has since operated under the sanction of governments and powerful organizations. His only allegiance is to whomever is willing to pay the most credits. He pilots a heavily modified and weaponized HWK-290 light freighter known as "The Storm Crow".
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By EndorJunkie
Next up is Jeurg Omato. He is an Ithorian male who was exiled by his people for his tendencies to embrace violence and display aggression. He is the co-pilot of the Storm Crow and the oldest and closest friend that Capt. Greiger has. The two met many years ago on Ord Mantell when Greiger was trafficking weapons for Black Sun. Jeurg ended up saving Greiger's life after he ended up in a scuffle with three Savrips. Greatful for saving him, Greiger offered him a job and the two have worked together ever since.
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By EndorJunkie
Sorry, forgot to list the parts used to make these figures. Capt. Greiger was a pretty simple custom. I wanted a wild west gunslinger kind of vibe for him. He is made from a BS old man Han body, BS Endor Han arms, MTF head, a scrap of cloth, and a little paint. The cigar is made from a scrap of rolled up and glued paper towel with a bit of paint to appear lit. The "smoke" is a small piece of cotton from a Q-tip glued in place.

Jeurg is made from a POTF2 Hammerhead, a winter soldier figure for the body, the left arm of an Indy figure, some paint, and a scrap of cloth. I'm not sure where the gun comes from.

The rest of Capt. Greiger's pirate crew will be coming soon!
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By darthapathy
Man, these are some great entries.
Jodo Really like the Jabba's henchmen that you've been cranking out. They look like they belong somewhere on the barge or in the palace or his townhouse.

EndorJunkie Cool couple of pirates. The cigar effect is fantastic. Can't wait to see the rest of the gang.
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By lugo_matapollos
Hello guys, Here is my custom for this yakfinities. He is a delphanian thug, member of the Delphanian face gang. He is wearing a mechanical harness so the prisioner can be locked in it for safe transportation, since the violent behavior is common in this tribal culture, the Imperial corrections officers usually force them to wear it all the time. This species appears in the “ Death Troopers” novel. Don’t know if some of you guys have read it already. There is so little information in the description so I had to take several decisions and liberties in the design of him, such as the eyes and ear shape, skin color and some others caracteristics.
“The Delphanians were a sentient species noted for their scaly, claw-like hands and bellows-shaped noses. They came from the Delphania system, where they noted various tribal identities by piercing their protuberant lips. Delphanians sometimes added extra piercings after defeating a rival; in combat, their hands became dangerous slashing weapons. Delphanians were among the prisoners kept aboard the Imperial prison barge Purge in 1 BBY. Some of these imprisoned Delphanians formed the Delphanian Face Gang, headed at one point by Aur Myss.” (wookiepedia)

I used a figure from the iron man 2 movie collection, I had already scavenged his head for another custom so I used some other random head and sculpted on top of it, same with the hands. The lips piercings are made with pins. The ones on his ears are sculpted. I made a pair of removable goggles just to give him some accessories .
I still have no name for the figure. Hope you liked it.
What a great subject for this yakfinities guys!!!
delphanian 1.jpg
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By Jodo
Thank you everyone!!! I have two more Jabba figures that need some finishing touches, and then two more that need to be built, but I do have the parts for them...

Excellent job johnmorog, EndorJunkie, mousedroidhoojib, and lugo_matapollos. I REALLY like those entries a lot!!! :o This honestly may be my favorite contest yet.
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