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Yakfinities #70 - Choose the Theme

Desert Gear
Concept Series
First Order Vs. The Resistance
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Pre-Disney Expanded Universe
By YanSolo
Droids are super tempting, but I love Entertainers and those have been badly represented as figures. The Modal Nodes can't seem to hold their instruments right, Max Rebo has arms, the dancers can't strike dancing poses... Entertainers deserve a better treatment. They get my vote.
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By johnmorog
Just evened out the vote for droids. I've seen a lot of alien/human figures lately so droids is a nice pick to make something outside the box and use a few different skills and materials.
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By johnmorog
YAK_Chewie wrote:Just an idea, but Hole in the Ground Pro has quite a few custom resin droids that would be good for this if droids wins.

very true, the hammerhead droid would be good. I've also seen some great droids made from matchbox tanks, and making multiple armed droids with styrene rods.
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By darthapathy
ImperialOfficer wrote:Of course droids is in the lead right after I finish a ton of droids... :x

You could just repurpose the parts and make new ones (unless you intend on keeping them as is for your photonovel)
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