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Yakfinities #70 - Choose the Theme

Desert Gear
Concept Series
First Order Vs. The Resistance
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Pre-Disney Expanded Universe
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By Utinniii
That looks pretty cool. It reminds me of a amp had they been in TPM.

This droid has taken exception to the ref's ruling.



Head is a modified Transformer part.
Arm is from a mini Ultron figure
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By darthvlad
Evilivo - Love the Assassin Droid. I'm not sure if you have to change colors, black works fine...

I-Am-Boba-Fett - Love the Generator Droid. It really fits with the grit of the SW universe.

Utinnii- Do you plan on a "Robot Death Match" Photonovel? That would be awesome.
By OC47151
And a fall/Halloween-themed GNK droid.

I have one more possible entry but it's been misplaced during the holidays. Regardless of when I find it, I will post pix of it.
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By darthapathy
darth_sidious wrote:So many clever uses of parts and creative deco - really nice work all. Here's my droid, LG-2T, a perimeter droid used by the Jawas:



Cool little droid. What did you use for parts? I also like the custom Jawa
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By Starchaser
People keep making most excellent entries! I'm very close to the last minute on this entry. I had hoped to complete three different droid concepts, but have only had time to complete one. So here is my little entry for the droids competition:

Tewvee: Is he an organic wearing a discarded bit of droid for a mask or is he a rogue Magnadroid? Few, if any know. He rarely speaks, and his voice always sounds as if it coming through a transmitter. None of his colleagues remember him stopping to eat, drink or sleep. Most suspect he is a Magnadroid, but he will never tell. Tewvee is happy to hire his guns out to anyone who will pay, as long as they are not the Empire.


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By Utinniii
darth_sidious wrote:So many clever uses of parts and creative deco - really nice work all. Here's my droid, LG-2T, a perimeter droid used by the Jawas:


That is so kriffing adorable! I want one.

Starchaser, those are nice soft goods. Your backstory is even better.

OC47... I had half a dozen Gonks I wanted to finish for this contest and painting a Hasbro Gonk in Kenner colors was high on the list. Yours looks great. I also love the Halloween one (although I would have "spooked it up" a bit.
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By I-am-Boba-Fett
Here is another entry I put together. This is a custom MESSENGER DROID resin cast figure. This little "hovering" droid is held together by strong magnets embedded within the two halves of it's body allowing the head to turn or even be removed.



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By darth_sidious
Thanks guys, the droid is made from a little Micro Machines size vehicle that I sliced up and added greeblies to. I used pieces of blasters and even a hinge for the eye. The Jawa is just from the TBS 3.75 2-pack to show scale. I'm not sure any of my customs have been described as adorable before - I'm on a new level! :P It does look like he might be friends with WALL-E though, hahah!
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By Utinniii
BB-R2 & BB-R5
Here are my last two entries for the year just before I head out for festivities.

It was a fun contest and I wish everyone a happy New Year.


When X-Wings transitioned to the BB series, the original models had heads similar to their astromech counterparts. This was done so older pilots would be more inclined to upgrade.
Early models had the astromech personality uploaded to the BB units but that turned out to be impractical as the bodies were too dissimilar.

The heads are from the Disney (Mini Sandcrawler) BAD blind boxes. There are 3 different heads with 12 total different droids. I like them for their heads and they can also make a good forced perspective background droid.

darthvlad wrote: - Do you plan on a "Robot Death Match" Photonovel? That would be awesome.

That does sound like an AWESOME idea.

However, I just don’t have the time to even make all the figures I want to make, never mind a photonovel.

For all the droids I made for this contest, I only actually made 1 of my top 10 droids I intended to make. A lot of these ones are just parts I threw together (which I might have sorted to make years before but never got around to it).

jaghearse wrote:I think i made it in time. Did I make it? Ye, simple head swap and a droid that went too far and now needs a hand...

That GI-Joe head does make a great droid head.
Your second droid is fantastic! What’s the recepie?
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