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Yakfinities #70 - Choose the Theme

Desert Gear
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First Order Vs. The Resistance
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Pre-Disney Expanded Universe
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By mousedroidhoojib
Droid builder Kurt Zimmerman's spectacular Artoo Deco droid build transforms the familiar R2-D2 design into a simple and sleek art deco style robot. For a bit of fun, I've taken the basic idea of the 1950's blue refrigerator colour scheme with chrome highlights and simplified it a little further to fit into 3.75" scale.


Reference, recipe and turnaround animation can be found in my customs thread.
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By johnmorog
Okay, here's my first entry for this Yakfinities... Custom treadwell droid. The arms are on a pin so they and the head swivel. Designated 6++96533623fcgdtreer (my 1yo son and his slappy hands named him). The folks in the town call him "Tree-R." You can find him crawling about cantinas and other city structures in the remote town of Criton-ka on Tatooine.
More pictures in my personal thread :)
By my kind of scum
Nice entries so far. I love that nobot! Here are my first two customs in a very long time...
First up is a damaged communications droid in use by some outer rim pirates. His number is c0-m0, but his teammates call him "commo":


Next up, a protocol droid who was used as a spy droid by an early rebellion cell. CT-X3 served in various space stations and ports gathering information about imperial supply lines.



I hope you enjoy them!
By my kind of scum
Oh yeah, I forgot the parts lists. The head of CT is from a War of Order figure (they have them at and I am not sure where the head of Commo came from. It has been in my fodder box for awhile. The side of the head said "Max" Everything other than the heads are build a droid parts.
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By darthvlad
CT-X3 looks fabulous! I love the design... I might have to look around to see if I can find different kinds of heads and bodies to make other droids.

Commo looks pretty cool too. The head on the RA body is an interesting pairing. Where's the head from? He just looks so grotesque it's cool.
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By Jodo
my kind of scum wrote:Oh yeah, I forgot the parts lists. The head of CT is from a War of Order figure (they have them at and I am not sure where the head of Commo came from. It has been in my fodder box for awhile. The side of the head said "Max" Everything other than the heads are build a droid parts.

I love the look of those heads! They remind me of the one droid at the beginning of Rogue One. Very nicely done man!
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By darthvlad
KMD-RA-71.JPG (74.73 KiB) Viewed 2633 times

KMD-RA-71 was a silver-plated RA-7 protocol droid produced by Arakyd Industries. It was present in Jedha City on the moon of Jedha in the year 0 BBY. When the Galactic Empire evacuated its forces from Jedha, KMD-RA-71 looked up to see the Star Destroyer Dauntless departing. The Empire then destroyed Jedha City with the Death Star superweapon.

A simple use of the Disney BAD, adding the black over the bridge of the nose, covering the casing in silver metallic and dry brushing to give some weathering. It's not quite screen accurate (since the BAD doesn't have the power box on its back... it'd be nice to sculpt some and glue it on) but does the job for now.
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By darthvlad
IMG_0819.JPG (86.2 KiB) Viewed 2629 times
IMG_0818.JPG (85.43 KiB) Viewed 2629 times

LL-3PO aka Two-El
LL-3PO supervised an automated workforce of nerfherders on Alderaan who was a victim of prank and the ill-fortune of his owner. The history is such: Two-El’s owner, a Republic-credit pinching farmer named Sydé Choa, was cranky and growled at the local teenagers to “stay off his farm!” Tired of his relentless antagonizing, a few of the teenagers snuck onto the farm while Two-El was powered down for the evening and removed the unsuspecting protocol droids right arm. Infuriated by his discovery, Sydé went to the local parts market in the city to find Two-El a new arm. After spending most of the day going from vendor to vendor without finding the right match to Two-El’s arm, Sydé was ready to give up hope until he found the arm at the next vendor’s place. Ecstatic to find a matching arm, the farmer immediately bought it and returned to the farm to replace the protocol droid’s missing arm. Upon reactivation, Sydé realized to his horror that in his excitement at finding the right pattern at the vendor’s he had bought the a left-side arm. Due to his tight budget, the farmer was unable to rectify the mistake and Two-El was left with two left arms, which drew heckles from passing teenagers on their way to school. LL-3PO was embarrassed by his situation and often hid his arm from view.
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By darthapathy
More great submissions.
mousedroidhoojib That art deco R2 is fantastic. I think it would look great next to other art deco style Star Wars figures (kind of like Star Wars meets Rocketeer). Maybe that can be a suggestion for an upcoming Yakfinities challenge.
johnmorog nice use of parts and great backstory for Tree R. I love how your son "helped" name him :wink:
my kind of scum very interesting to see non-traditional droid heads. Makes for some very unique figures.
darthvlad Another great pair of droids. Both are stellar but the real standout is LL-3PO.

I think this challenge is as much fun as (or more than) Criminals.
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By darthapathy
Rebel Alliance droids of Flare Base (group one) Flare Base is a Rebel Alliance starfighter base located on a remote world in the Outer Rim. Like many Rebel bases, Flare Base relies on droids for day to day life. These droids perform many tasks that allow the Rebels to focus on other matters. The following group is assigned to the flight deck of the base.
Flare base droids.JPG
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Flare base droids.JPG (59.88 KiB) Viewed 2506 times
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