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What should the theme be for Yakfinities #71?

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Knights of Ren
Undercover Jedi
Swoop Gang Members
Desert Gear Characters
Concept / What If Series
Thanks muchly, Starchaser.

Early concepts for the crew of Rogue One featured a pair of aliens named Senna and Lunak. Senna, who eventually morphed into the character Moroff (who in turn inspired a different character called Senna who appeared in the Kessel mines in Solo) was described as "massive - a Chewie type", while Lunak was described as "something that could skitter into an air duct, almost like a little thief". While neither of the characters eventually appeared on screen, they inspired the characters who eventually became Chirrut Imwe and Baze Malbus.


Reference, recipe and turnaround animation can be found in my customs thread.
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By YAK_Chewie
Nice work so far. :-)

I don't know how many customs that I will have time for, but here's a Concept Luke that I just wrapped up.


head - TBS old man Luke
torso - TVC Jedi Luke
arms - TVC Jedi Luke
legs - TVC Jedi Luke
gloves - Force Link Tobias Beckett
armor - TBS Galen Marek
tunic - TBS Galen Marek
soft goods - Legacy Wioslea

By sam1
What if, in between the destruction of Jedha City and the Battle of Yavin, the Empire took the Death Star to the Outer Rim (away from the prying eyes of the Imperial Senate) and used it like a can of pepper spray, as a very expensive means of crowd control?
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By Starchaser
Nice set of diorama shots - that was a lot of work to build.

Chewie - I really like your Concept Luke. The armor is a great idea and I like how it looks sitting over the cloak. Excellent character design.
By sam1
YAK_Chewie wrote:Very nice dioramas. I'll need to think about how they fit in exactly for the roundup report.... were these made specifically for this Yakfinities or did you already have them?


Thanks. Oh, that's alot of work. You don't need to include them in the roundup. If you wanted to add a representative image, you could add the 3rd from the last photo. That's the most recent custom figure I made.

I put together the desert and Imperial outpost dioramas this past weekend. I made the Jedha City & Death Star dios a few months earlier, but I was trying to build a bigger story, so I thought they fit. I thought I'd just share them to anyone interested. I hope it didn't take too much room.
By sam1
Starchaser wrote:Nice set of diorama shots - that was a lot of work to build.

Chewie - I really like your Concept Luke. The armor is a great idea and I like how it looks sitting over the cloak. Excellent character design.

Thank you. Putting off work is a strong motivator. :)

I really like Chewie's Luke, as well. He looks ready to command some Jedi armies.
By sam1
johnmorog wrote:Wow... where did you get the clear part for your death star bridge??? Amazing!

Do you mean the targeting screen in the last photo? That's just my laptop hiding behind some GTP spacewalls. I just did a Google search, and it popped up on the first page.

I was trying to replicate this scene, but I couldn't get the lighting right.
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By johnmorog
Okay, for my first entry, I have a rather simple custom. Based on the concept Mimban trooper from the Topps series, I present Stormtrooper "Duo." He and his two brothers, Captain Arcad and Musket entered the Imperial army for the thrill of the fight, something they get plenty of now that they were promoted to the elite regiment of Imperial Stormtroopers.
Check out my personal thread for some group photos of the 3 brothers (as well as a request for some fodder parts if anyone has them...)
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