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Yakinities #72 - Vote on the theme!

Desert Dwellers
First Order Forces
Kit Bashed Vehicles
Imperial Scavengers
Luke Skywalker's Jedi Academy
By jaghearse
Here are my desert dwellers. I think i have posted these previously on this site but not in a Yakfinities. So hopefully they'll be alright. Cheers
2019-04-17 14.23.07.jpg
Desert hunter
A farm boy
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By johnmorog
Great job on those customs. Lots of people are crying for a new farmboy luke. I believe the goal of Yakfinities is to create a new custom specifically for the challenge, not just to enter ones that you've already made, though.
By sam1
I love the aesthetic of the Partisans and the Cloud Riders. Maybe they're not technically from the Desert, and maybe they don't really 'dwell' anywhere, but I think they could be at home in a desert setting.
By sam1
I like to imagine that, perhaps through an initial collaboration between Weasal and Edrio, the Partisans and Cloud Riders shared intelligence from time to time, and formed temporary alliances on occasion when their goals aligned.
By sam1
More scenes from the Catacombs of Cadera. Sometimes when casualties were heavy, and after all the organics were stitched back together as best as their limited resources would allow, G2-1B7 would take an extra-long oil bath to recover from the horror.
By sam1
Well Jedha is a desert, but I wasn't sure if Partisans "dwelled" there. I was thinking of 'dwelling' as peaceful 'abiding', and the Partisans definitely don't abide. Cloud Riders have a nice Western aesthetic that looks good on the sands of Savareen, but of course, its massive oceans disqualify it as a desert.

Thanks. I got an extra 2-1B on Ebay last week just for that purpose. Eight bucks isn't bad for a ~30 year-old figure. He isn't perfect, but it's the best I could do free-hand.
Trying this from my phone as that is where my images are... I took a few days off of work for celebration and made some new customs while watching the live streamed panels. I feel like these would all fit into a desert setting though they weren't created with a specific desert planet in mind...

Edit: Now that I am not on my phone and can type a bit more, a little detail on these customs. Most are "easy" customs - just added paint or soft goods but...
The droid is a Disney build a droid vendor with added paint. My intention was to make him look like a pieced together droid who was salvaged (or salvaged himself). I may further weather him to tone down the colors a bit more.
The Swokes Swokes is simply Gragra with jedi robes, a headwrap (I believe from a Padme figure? I am not sure to be honest), and a piece of red felt.
The armored character is an Acid Rain World figure. I repainted his armor and cut his soft goods to look more like a single sided cloak (still torn on wether or not to have his arm out or in...) and then repainted a hot rebel's backpack and glued a belt to it. Pretty simple.
The ranat was partially a stolen recipe. I don't remember who I stole it from, so my apologies.Head is Kabe, torso is the Clone Wars Arconan, arms and legs are TPM TVC Anakin and hands are from my fodder bin and repainted - I don't remember whose they are.
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