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Yakinities #72 - Vote on the theme!

Desert Dwellers
First Order Forces
Kit Bashed Vehicles
Imperial Scavengers
Luke Skywalker's Jedi Academy
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By EndorJunkie
Here is my first entry for the desert theme. I am calling him Aakloo. He is an offscreen barge and/or skiff character that works for Jabba. Body is BS Rose. Head, hands, and feet are from Mawhonic. I shaved the lowered down hood portion of Rose's outfit off. Mawhonic's head, hands, and feet popped right on with no modification. A little paint, some cloth for the scarf, and some fodder weapons and he was done.
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By darthapathy
Imperial presence on Soccoro There is a small Imperial presence on Soccoro consisting of one platoon of Stormtroopers and one squadron of the outdated TIE/gt fighters which were assigned to ground installations. Governor Bortis felt that there could be attacks on the Doonium mines both on planet and throughout the system. The sector Moff assigned Commander Kryll and his men to Soccoro. Kryll is something of a loose cannon and the Moff wanted to get him out of the way.

Commander Kryll
Body-TAC Stormtrooper
Head-General Hux (TLJ)
The other troopers are just TLC Stormtroopers with weathering to simulate black sand
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By Starchaser
There are some great customs so far. I really like how Weetuf turned out, and Cal is a great head nod to Fallen Order as well as looking great. The Gran turned out excellently too.

Chewie - I'm guessing the Cal head is an iteration of Peter Pevensie from Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe or Prince Caspian (though darthsidious will have to confirm this).
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By RookieOne
Wow, some very inspiring creations in here so far. Here are my first entries. I'll post recipes in my customs thread. I've got some more in the works that I'll hopefully finish before the deadline.

Pah-Keesef and Tiquip
The Sauroid botanist Pah-Keesef hydroponically grows tropical plants in a cave on the outskirts of Mos Espa. She brings her wares to market with the aid of her Chadra-Fan assistant Tiquip, who rides on the back of her wagon. Because Pah-Keesef's beak cannot form the sounds necessary to speak Basic, she wears a small translator droid on a collar. When her customers ask why she still uses such an old-fashioned wagon, she replies that she tried pulling a hover-cart once, and the repulsor-lifts tickled her tail.

Dannar Ulbreck and Jerbas
Dannar Ulbreck ranches Jerbas on the edge of the Jundland Wastes. A bit of a hermit, his only encounters with civilization are occasional supply runs to Anchorhead, and the yearly trip to Bestine when he drives his herd to market.

Tam Posla and Ponda Baba
Tam Posla was a lawman with the Milvayne Authority before he went rogue while hunting the notorious Doctor Evazan and his partner Ponda Baba. Posla tracked the pair to Jedha, but they evaded him. Ponda Baba later lost an arm after provoking the wrong old man in a bar on Tatooine, but Doctor Evazan fitted him with a mechanical replacement.

Fivvic the Merchant
Fivvic is a Barabel junk trader with a stand in the market at Mos Espa. He seems to do very well for himself despite the low quality of his merchandise, and local rumor has it that his junk stall is simply a way to launder money for his real trade: selling weapons to the Hutts.

Jedha Partisan
This mysterious rebel guerilla fights alongside the Partisans on Jedha.
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By darthapathy
Wow, more great customs
EndorJunkie Aakloo turned out great. Looks like the parts you used were meant to go together.
RookieOne Really like the use of the Mastadges for Jerbas. Very creative. Also, using Indiana Jones parts for Tatooine natives works really well.
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By darthapathy
Jawas (Jabba's Palace Edition) Jawas, a native species of the desert world of Tatooine can be found scattered across the barren landscape. Most live in the massive sandcrawlers. Others can be found in settlements such as Mos Eisley or Mos Espa. A few, including these three have found themselves in the palace of the vile gangster, Jabba the Hutt.
Herat (behind) was a female Jawa and shaman of Wittin's tribe. She was his advisor in negotiations with the Hutt. She agreed to be one of his retainers as long as Jabba helped Wittin.
Wittin (right) is the leader of a large Jawa tribe. They profit by robbing travelers and plundering moisture farms. Wittin often sells his ill gotten gain to Jabba the Hutt.
Snip N'kik (left) is a member of the N'kik Clan and also had dealings with Jabba.

All three were made with TBS Jawas. Herat had both bandoliers removed and sanded down. Snip is made from the taller Jawa and had one bandolier removed and the other placed over the other shoulder. Wittin is the smaller Jawa with one bandolier removed.
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By MCScoobyT
The Mandalorian's Razor Crest paint job had seen better days... far to many visits to harsh desert planets tracking down bounties.

3D printed ship, the speeder with Darth Maul was the only thing a had as an approximate scale reference.
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By Starchaser
Great job everyone:
RookieOne - that's a really nice set of characters, great combination of parts!
darth apathy - nice mods to the Jawas
mousedroidhoojib - Cycyed turned extraordinary!
johnmorog - the Razor Crest turned out really well! I'm hoping Hasbro gets permission to make this one for us.

Here's my first (fingers crossed) submission on the theme, a super articulated Sarco Plank:



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