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Yakinities #72 - Vote on the theme!

Desert Dwellers
First Order Forces
Kit Bashed Vehicles
Imperial Scavengers
Luke Skywalker's Jedi Academy
By sam1
SpecialKman wrote:I don't spend a lot of time on here but you might have seen my previous work on various FB SW customizing groups. Here's my Enfy's Nest gang i made in Jan. of this year.

Holy crap!! Those are amazing!! What do you use to make those head sculpts so good? The Auromae Iselo head sculpt is fantastic!
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By Starchaser
Parvu Tenaket - a Guardian of the Whills, he was off planet at the destruction of Jedha City, tracking a small group of thieves who had absconded with a shipment of Kyber crystals. After recovering the crystals, Parvu made his way back to the moon of Jedha to find the temple and pilgrim city destroyed and his brethren dead or missing. In the face of the horror, Parvu decided that he needed to stay on Jedha to carry on the work of his order, such as it was, and learn to deal with the overwhelming grief through meditation on the Force.


By UKHistory
My three desert dwellers are not from the same desert planet.

On the left is A down on his luck spacer on Aruba 3 named Sep. Stranded on the planet for stealing an extra portion of rations when his species shed skin and needs more nutrients, he spend time serving as a handyman for a local farming community. The farmers entertain him with a fanciful tale of a motley crew of heroes who battled a cloud riding bandit and a giant lager firing dragon. The heroes included a wookie, a green rabbit and even a jedi.

Sep was made from:
Head: Space Precinct alien figure
arms: Jurassic park dinosaur
legs & torso: Stargate figure

Next up in the middle is a speeder mechanic for what passes as a power station in the Holy City on Jedda. With ingenuity he can keep almost any dilapidated speeder running. This figure is made primarily from the wonderful 21st century extreme figure

Head: US WW2 American paratrooper
Torso& arms: US Vietnam era chopper pilot
Legs: Vietcong fighter
feet: US Vietnam soldier
Head scarf: GI joe cobra ninja figure

Lastly is the aquatic beauty, Ayautta from The planet Rohini. Ayautta had aspirations of being a holo starlet on Coruscant. Knowing she had to start somewhere, she accepted an offer to perform with a dance company under the Entertainment guild. Alas the company secured a gig in Mos Espa. Horrified at the arid conditions of Tatooine’s former bustling city and even more repulsed with the clientele, Ayautta is rethinking her future. Thins are looking up. She has been offered a position with a very wealthy business entrepreneur who owns his own palace outside of Mos Eisley. Dismissing the warnings from fellow dancers, Ayautta believes things will be better working for Jabba the Hut.

Her recipe:

Head: Angelforge Alien/female fish head
Arms: McDonald's Dutch Barbie
Torso: McDonald's Barbie #1 the miniature version of the original Barbie doll that started it all for Mattel
Legs: Dragon Ball Z imperfect cell 3.75 figure circa 1998.

Only the mechanic any level of articulation. But all are great for background dioramas.

I really like how the Jurassic arms look on Sep. When picking and choosing the arms of those dinosaurs can really add character to your alien customs. The t-rex baby, for example is really perfect for more diminutive alien figures or alien children.

Ayautta is really fun for me. The Barbie figures, especially when they came out in the late 1990s and early 2000s provided soft goods, torsos and arms that really could add to fun back drop figures. I emphasize backdrop as they have limitations with movement.

Matching the legs of the imperfect cell dragon ball z guy with the Barbie is a matching of parts that really work for creating an exotic female alien. I have a few other alien females (sort of a true miss universe pageant) using the Barbie bathing suit, dragon ball z legs and other angel forge/good to go custom heads. The angel forge merman head, which Chewie has used in one of his wonderful customs, is one that makes a grotesque beauty backgrounder.

My next goal is to attempt a photo novel focusing on Lando and my character Waddy Peytona (if you have driven on I 64 between Louisville and Lexington you know the sign). The plan is some adventures running from the Imperial Security Bureau planetary customs' officials.

We will see about that.
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By johnmorog
Okay, if this doesn't count since it's not an action figure you don't have to count it for the contest, but I wanted to share this amazing painting my wife did for my customs page/business. It is desert theme, and custom, so I figured sharing here would be as good a place as any. Today is my birthday, and this was her present to me. I was blown away and didn't expect something like this at all!
By sam1
Rum Sleg never styled himself a lowly drug pusher, but when he "acquired" two barrels of highly refined Kessel Spice as payment for a job, he was very eager to unload his prize to the highest bidder. After checking the bone fides of two serious potential buyers, he hastily set up a meeting at an abandoned pod racer repair shop on the outskirts of Mos Espa. Hopefully, this is remote enough to avoid any unnecessary Imperial entanglements, he thought.
By MCScoobyT
Like the Luggabeast, the Teedo species also kept Theroluggapods. Theroluggs were used to ram and break apart scrap metal and quarry rock. Teedos would also sport fight them in the gambling rings of Jakku.
By MCScoobyT
Before Boba Fetts untimely demise he was working on a carbon-freezing cannon. His first and only test subject was Choklka a blue desert gellyphish, who owed Jabba unpaid podrace gambling debts. While Choklkas carbonite incasement worked, Fett’s cannon still rests in Slave 1... waiting for someone to discover his last and greatest invention.
By UKHistory
Nice figure.

Excellent piecing together of parts. I am thinking I see the parts from 6 figures counting accessories.

The Knight from Last Crusade is perfect in this role.

Did you sculpt the hair or find a plastic head piece that works? I am thinking sculpt and it looks nice in the photo.

Well done.
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