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By Niktom
Got the Leia in Boushh Disguise in yesterday. It was exactly as expected. Real good quality piece, great proportions, excellent coloring... but just lacking in the "Oh wow, they made this character!" department.

I got #88 of 1000... not too bad. Didn't take pics because I only opened her up for inspection and then packed her away. Had to cut down on my display area for now and the statues were the first to get put up.

If you're one of those OCD collectors... then of course this is a must for you. If not, then I say skip it. Save the cash and space for a better selection in character.
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By Niktom
Anyone still buying these????

Just preordered the Scout/Ewoks.

Not the best rendering... but my OCD won't let me drop the line. Plus, I've kinda got a thing for Scout Merch.
By CloneIntel
Personally, I would really like to see an Embo maquette by Gentle Giant (hopefully sooner rather than later!)
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By Niktom
Well kids... I'm out!

Sandtrooper on Dewback Animated Maquette - $399

That's just too much! I realize it's a fairly large piece but I can't throw $400 for just one piece into this collection. It really sucks because I love the style of the OT characters. My OCD is killing me on this but I'm now done with the line unless they put out something that just knocks my socks off for a reasonable price.

Scout Troop w/ Ewoks will most likely be my last... I can get some really nice vintage stuff for $400.
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By Niktom

I just got the ship notice for my Scout/Ewoks.... it was scheduled for release in April! I think this is the FIRST time I will have ever received one of these ON THE ORIGINAL RELEASE MONTH!!!!!!

This blows me away even more since it has to go through EE's hands as well. WOW, could this be a turning point for GG?

I may have to celebrate. Pics coming as soon as it arrives!
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By Niktom
Preorder for Holiday Special Fett is up on GG site.... get ready, it's $139!

Also, my apologies... I haven't posted pics or my thoughts on the Scout/Ewoks. Will do so soon... although, starting to think I'm talking to my self in this thread. :P
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By Niktom
Niktom wrote:Preorder for Holiday Special Fett is up on GG site.... get ready, it's $139!

Also, my apologies... I haven't posted pics or my thoughts on the Scout/Ewoks. Will do so soon... although, starting to think I'm talking to my self in this thread. :P

So yea... here is the pic of the Scout/Ewoks statue... only a year and four months later.


Great sculpt... shows the action really well and the coloration on the ewoks is wonderful. By far one of my favs. Of course I'm a bit prejudice too.

BONUS ROUND... to make up for the long time in posting.

Image Image

Vader's Princes/Son Set with exclusive books and prints.
This is an AMAZING set. The sculpts totally capture the cuteness and innocence of the books. If you've not read or own the books, then you really need to. Especially if you have kids. I highly recommend these if you can get your hands on them for a decent price. Great stand alone pieces, companions for the books or in addition to your GG collection.


Holiday Special Fett!!!!!!! Yes, I love this one. First off it's Holiday Special related and second, it's Fett. The sculpt is a really good hybrid of the GG styling for this line of statues and the original animation style from the cartoon. The paint job isn't nearly as vibrant as I was hoping for, very muted. The pics of it on the box make it look a lot brighter than it actually is. Still a good addition just not the best Fett of the line. Boba with Han in Carbo gets that award.

Comparison of the CIV Exclusive

For those counting... this is the 5th statue of Boba in this line.....
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By Niktom
Anyone still doing the animated style or maquettes?

Been a big dry spell on the OT characters, not that I'm complaining honestly. My wallet and other collection interests has enjoyed the break. I have noticed they've been hitting the Rebels characters which makes since seeing that they are pretty much already in that style.
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