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By Niktom
I have never really been much of a statue collector (except for the Applause mono-color cold cast set from the '90s) but the GG Original Trilogy Animated line has just really caught my eye.

Being a Boba Fett fan I was blown away with that being the first one! When pics of the Leia and Vader showed up the first time I wasn't sure if I wanted to start a "collection" in my SW collection. Then they showed off the Stormtrooper!

So... here I am. I have the Fett, Vader, and Leia/R2 on my shelves. Just ordered the 3PO/Jawa and Luke the other night and am very impatiently waiting for the chance to order the Stormtrooper.

On to the meat and taters...

What are ya'lls comments on the one being previewed at Toy Fair?


I'm both excited and let down. The sculpt and look is awesome, but it would have been nice not to repeat a character already (R2). Yea, I know Yoda is a semi-repeat since they have done the prequel version but still. It also worries me that it is to be an "exclusive". As reported here at Rebelscum.

Also at Rebelscum, they are saying that a Han and Chewy were on display but no pics allowed. :cry:

Any thoughts, comments, or random ramblings on the matter?
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By Incom
I don't have every animated maquette, but I do have Boba and Leia/R2. Boba, because his pose and sharp edges are so damn cool and Leia/R2, because R2 has some wicked curves.... Er... I mean Leia.

On the Yoda/R2 maquette, I'd like to quote: "mine, mine, mine!!" :wink: Hopefully it's not an exclusive, though.

Btw, "mine, mine, mine" was shamelessly ripped off by the Finding Nemo creators :evil: ... No credit to Yoda whatsoever.
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By Niktom
Incom wrote:and Leia/R2, because R2 has some wicked curves.... Er... I mean Leia.

On the Yoda/R2 maquette, I'd like to quote: "mine, mine, mine!!" :wink: Hopefully it's not an exclusive, though.

Btw, "mine, mine, mine" was shamelessly ripped off by the Finding Nemo creators :evil: ... No credit to Yoda whatsoever.

Yea, I noticed the uh... well... um... Leia too. I might should seek counseling for checking out a statue.

Son of a.... I was afraid they would do this. CRAP!

quote from GG Blog

"The Gentle Giant Worldwide Tour 2007 Exclusives include a Yoda/R2-D2 Animated-style maquette and a special Bust-Ups 2-pack of Han and Luke in Stormtrooper armor."

Here is the link. It's in the one posted on Feb 10.

Uggg.... well looks like I will be trying to find someone to pick it up for me because it is a must have!
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By Theo Zissou
I don't have any animated maquette, but i want to start collecting them. i really like the look of them. i think i will pick and choose more in the sideshow stuff so i can start picking these up. I really wish i would of ordered Boba. I guess i have to ebay him now.

Does this worldwide tour they speak of mean all that stuff is at each place? or one per? I think i can make the C4. so it would be cool to get the r2/yoda there.
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By Niktom
Just got my 3PO in and it's #40 of 4500!

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By BrentS
Those look great. I really like those Statues. I just can't justify the cost!
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By Niktom
Rebelscum posted this pic along with a short description in their photo archives.



Does anyone know anything else about them?

This is all the info they have on them..

"Released: 2006"
"The production run for this statue is limited to 500: 250 available in Japan, 250 available in the US."

Where/How Released?

Do you have one maybe?

Have you seen them anywhere?

Please help! I "NEED" the Fett, at least. Well ok, I don't really need it but you know...
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By Niktom
My Luke came in over the weekend. Gotta say, they did a great job on this one. Would have been nice for him to be holding his saber instead of the pistol... but oh well, still looks good.

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By Niktom
After a long search and several emails trying to track one of these bad boys down... I finally got it! I think I did pretty good... stayed under the average price on Ebay and got # 41 of 500!


Putting them both side by side... I'm loving the black and white. The pics really don't do it justice. All the different shades have really great contrast. Almost gives it the feel of the McQuarrie Concept painting of Fett. I was skeptical at first but in person these are awesome. I wish they were not all blasted exclusives and such low editions. I'd love to run a whole other set in B/W but that's just not going to happen. :(

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By Niktom
Will it ever end?!?!?!?!? :cry:

I'm sure those of you who read this thread have already seen it....


I'm dying here... possibly the coolest one yet!

Any of you guys going to C4 wanna pick me one up. I might would give you my kidney or something. :P

"StarWarsShop plans to offer approximately 700 of the 1,000 edition size at Star Wars Celebration IV in the US. While Gentle Giant will not be exhibiting, the the remaining quantity will be offered up at Star Wars Celebration Europe. Details on that distribution will be announced as Cel-Europe draws closer." ~
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By SpecialOpsUnit
I'm not very interested in this one. I'm a Fett freak and I still don't like it.

I'll stay with the regular Fett maquette thank you.
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