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By Theo Zissou
i was just going to post my pic of that emperor. :) looked really cool in person. i still have yet to get even one of these style figures. really falling behind now. lol might start with han and chewie.
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By Niktom
Got this bad boy in today. I must admit, the black makes up for where the sculpt lacks. I was disappointed in the original version but absolutely love this one. #439

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By SpecialOpsUnit
Looks great. Would of loved to pick one up but I'm not a member.
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By YAK_Den
WOW! I just hafta say I am falling more and more in love with GG! Now they animated LOTR (Hobbit) and POTC (Pirates)! WOW! It is amazing what they are doing. I just love all the animated statues coming out. I wish they were cheaper so I could get more of them! I still wish I could aquire the Padme Snow Bunny one!
By CloneTrooperJR
Darn it - it's amazing what they can cook up. I just want one - yet I can't find it - Yoda and R2. It's impossible finding these in international :cry: .

If anyone has a spare sitting around - anyone wanna sell it to me retail + shipping over the oceans? :D
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By YAK_Jayson
Holy Moly!!! Aayla Secura 5/2008 and Shaaki Ti 6/2008

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By jedistyle
:shock: woa, im all over aayla! i'll get shakk ti as well, bu that aayla is amazing!
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By BrentS
jedistyle wrote::shock: woa, im all over aayla!

Quote of the day!

Anyway, those mini-"busts" are great!
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By YAK_Den
Palpatine is even better. WOW! That's a good one. My friend will just hafta have this. He's a huge palpy fan!
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By jedistyle
that ventress/dooku is amazing, im so getting that one too. the palpatine i may pass on, im not a huge fan of the animated style aside from boba and roron corob.
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By Niktom
Animated Palpatine is now up for preorder at Star Wars Shop. He looks amazing! It says "Ships May 2007" but I'm sure that's supposed to be 2008.
By CloneTrooperJR
Thanks for the link, I think though much Animated Statue has a cute system in it, they actually did manage to execute a "cute" on Palpy. He looks AWESOME :D If only he was shooting lightning ;)
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By Niktom
Sweet... I didn't know about this till today when I got the email.


Check it out HERE

Limited Edition of 1500
Gentle Giant Ltd. is excited to announce they are teaming up with Action Figure Xpress to Animate 2008! The Star Wars Animated Maquette line is storming in the new year with the release of Luke Skywalker in Stormtrooper Disguise Animated Maquette. This unique animated piece sees Luke getting a little tangled up with the infamous Dianoga from the Death Star's trash compactor.
Limit of two (2) per order. This item is not available for wholesale purchase
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