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By Minnesota Dan
The regular line of busts has been great, although some of the production runs have made them much tougher to get than I would like. I ran into the Lasso error bit when ordering my Blackhole stormtrooper, so I came up empty on that one.
At last count I had 20 of these. I would like to add Chewbacca, Leia, and a regular tatooine Luke. A good New Hope Obi Wan would be nice too. I don't know what they can do with R2 in a line like this.
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By Nicklab
This is by far one of my favorite Star Wars lines. The sculpts are far better than almost anything out there. And the price point isn't prohibitive, either. Companies like Attakus and Sideshow offer some great stateus and maquettes, but their product lines are so expensive that it's tough to get into them. But the Gentle Giant mini-busts are a whole other story. I've been into the line since the blue Clone Trooper was offered in the summer of 2003, and it's been a cool ride since then.

However, recent events have been disconcerting. Namely the Blackhole Stormtrooper fiasco. I had to resort to the secondary market because GG really dropped the ball there. And now I'm getting a little antsy because there have been rumors of a pre-order for the Comic Con exclusive Shocktrooper, but no news to support that. Not good.
By Minnesota Dan
The mini busts are fantastic in their detail and price point. I didn't get my BH stormtrooper, despite frenzied efforts as soon as the link went live. I think they have developed enough of a following to warrant minimum 2000-2500 edition sizes. I won't pay the secondary market prices for them, so that one is out of my reach now.
By Obi-Wan Yo Momma
I am not a big fan of EU or the sort of "fantasy" figures/toys that are put out based on the SW universe, but knowing that this bust was limited (yeah, I'm a sucker) and that it was a cool idea, I HAD to pick it up and boy am I glad I did! The Crispy Head Anakin/Vader is REALY cool. Great head sculpt add-on to an already great Vader bust. If you have not picked it up, I suggest you do. When they are gone, you will want one. Its the way we all are. What we can't have, we want. If all the Poggle the Lesser figures dried up from the shelves tomorrow, we would all be searching for them the next day!
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By YAK_Jayson
The Plo Koon mini bust is available through, ships next year though :(
By Atomic_Puppy
To be honest with you. I have been collecting Star Wars for years but I just got into the GG busts about a month ago. Now I own six and by looking at them I regret not starting collecting these sooner. I have Grand Moff Tarkin, Han Solo, Sandtrooper Liutenant, Yoda, Darth Vader EIII and Darth Vader Reveal from EE. I was skeptical about the reveal bust but the paint application is unbelievable, my favorite so far.

I only wish that I would bought at least one EII Clone Trooper, the Fetts, Palpatine and the Stormtroopers. I must say that this line and Sideshow's are my absolute favorites.
By anthonymaul
I like them,but its to late in the game for me to start collectiing them,there hard to come by,and overpriced on ebay. :(
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By YAK_Jayson
Jango Fett and Jedi Luke are now available for preorder at
By darthvaderusa
Jango & Jedi Luke are also available at Northside. They have given me good prices. The service is good also.

I ordered a case of clones from them. Should be here this afternoon!!
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By YAK_Jayson
Did anyone get the shaft by missing out on the SDCC exclusives from GG site problems?
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By YAK_Jayson
One of the members as started a new site with photos and a soon to be added product registry. Check'em out.[/url]
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By Jedi Hunter
Shadow Stormtrooper finally came from ebay yesterday, dident have time to post this. but i got it for the measly sum of $180
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By YAK_Jayson
Presenting Darth Malak: CIV exclusive Mini Bust


Good luck to all attendees hoping to get one.
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By MasterGrievous
I seriously want a Malak. Too mad I'm not going to C4.

Got this beauty the other day.

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By SpecialOpsUnit
I as well would like Malak but no way am I going to C4.

I'm going to this small Toy Fair this weekend(the only one I go to all year) and I'll probably end up picking up 1-3 Bust Ups.

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