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By Niktom
Holy Crap! WoW! :shock:

I'm without words....

"Lucasfilm Ltd. had previously notified the company that it was not willing to provide a new license on the terms proposed by the company. Corgi believes that it is not in the best interest of its shareholders to accept a new license on the terms proposed by Lucasfilm Ltd."
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By Horse_Head
That's screwed!

No more Collector Society for me... :(
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By YAK_Jayson
That sucks. MR was fostered by the SW license, although I had a bad feeling when Corgi came into the picture.

Too bad. :cry:
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By BrentS
I have a friend at work that is a huge MR fan. First thing he told me when I got in - "I'm in mourning already".
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By Niktom
It truly is a sad day for collectors.

I'm not a big time MR buyer but I do like their products and own several of the FX Sabers. There were several I've been waiting to see produced, guess that won't happen now.

It's really a shame because they have set an example for all companies to follow as far as quality, service, and production.

It would be interesting to see the proposal and find out which side is being the most unreasonable in this dispute.

Just wonder how this will effect the value of MR products.
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By Niktom
RS is reporting that MR will not be having a booth at C4 either.

(that sentence really needs one or two more abbreviations :lol: )

They also have listed the final MR products for the SW line. :(

Quote from RS:

"The following products will still be produced by Master Replicas before their license expires :

Mara Jade Lightsaber Limited Edition
Shadow Trooper Helmet (CS Exclusive)
Luke Ep. VI V2 Limited Edition
Boba Fett Helmet Limited Edition
Boba Fett Helmet Signature Edition

The much anticipated Shadow Trooper helmet will now have an edition size of 500 and will not be a lottery as previously announced. "
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By DarthDelicious
Losing the license is one thing...but pulling out of C4 makes MR look like a petulant child. Talks must have broken down in a really NASTY fashion.

My favorite part of this whole fiasco is the statement that the Star Wars license is only 20% of their line. Of Corgi's line, maybe...but it has to represent almost all of MR's business...the rest of their licenses blow. Is anyone scrambling to purchase Rocketeer helmets and Narnia chess sets?

I had a bad feeling when Corgi took over MR, and now it looks like the dealmakers have scuttled MR completely. I can hear the resumes being faxed out of MR from here.


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By Incom
That'd be nice. I don't have any MR sabers or any MR collectible for that matter, but I think they really are the (laser)sword masters.

Dooku's piece is of a very extraordinary design and MR can't cop out (or be expelled) before they make a replica. The same then goes for Asajj's two assets. They're similar in design to Dooku's, but different in their own way.
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