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Scorch71 wrote:I'm In

I know, I know I said that last time
I went overboard last time and tried to do a 12 in TC-14 that didn't work out. :oops:

I know how that goes. Look how long it took me to get everything done as far as pics, updates, and auctions.

Quite a few people have PMed and emailed me. It looks like a round 2 is happening.

All suggestions are welcomed.

BTW, whatever became of that 12" TC-14?
Scorch71 wrote:So are we doing it a second time, I bought a bright and shinny clone today and am starting the Vintage card back this weekend. :mrgreen:

I think so! Everyone seems game for a second round. I appreciate that because I know the first round did not go smoothly. Any suggestions on the second round?
I Vote troopers.
Also This Needs To Get On The Front Page
So Other Members Will Know There is A Round 2
I Found it By Mistake This Morning.

If anyone likes my card back and would like me to do one for them, I well do

I would need a good Hi-res photo of your figure
and the name of your figure

It will look just like mine, just with your changes in name and photo.

(""When done I will send you a file with the art,not a finished card,you can have someone print it for you"")

If yes send me an PM :mrgreen:

Thats if we are doing this again :wink:
Scorch. Wow. I mean, WOW. I want to properly give you props but I can't come up with words. That is simply awesome. Wow!

So it sounds like everyone wants to do Troopers. Should we limit it to troopers or open it to other things?

Also, do we want a pink theme again? I'm open to any ideas. Anything anti-cancer works for me.

Let me know. Once we get some ideas going, I can ask the staff to post on the main page.

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