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I just want to say that this is a great cause. I've lost a few friends and family members through cancer and a deep respect goes out to all of you who have contributed to this! If I had any customizing skills I would have entered myself, but I think there have been some great contributions here! Well done all!
Wow, DarthAnton, you are surrounded by very creative kids. Great stuff. Thanks for participating.

I received quite a few PMs, IMs, and emails about this contest. I am very thankful for all the feedback. Quite a few people inquired about an extension. That coupled with some real life obligations, we are going to extend this contest one more time. This will be the final extension as we need to wrap this up. I have to tell you though, seeing these customs in person has been a real treat.

The new and concrete deadline is Friday March 26, 2010.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.
Thanks Jaydsaber!

Just a quick reminder that tonight is the deadline. I will be out of town this weekend. I will take a few days next week to organize everything, take some photos, and start the contest side of this campaign.
Mista & Chewie,

Contest is over but I have a few questions if it is ok?

#1. If people want to still make more for charity can we still do so and where to send them, I have a few I would like to make into Cancer relief ones?

PS: Dont want to enter the contest since they are late bloomers but wanted the ok before I start them.

#2. Can we get a shot of all the pink killers and thriller (Cancer Contest Customs) in a phot all together? Kinda like a battle scene for the fight against cancer to show everyone all the figures in a group shot?

#3. When the auctions on contests like this go to ebay will there be a link posted so someone like me can bid on them if we so desire?

I know I have all those figures on card and probably 10 in fodder but for a cause like this I wouldn't mind raising the stakes and making people outbid me for a good cause.

Also if it is ok I wanted to say great work to everyone and I wish I had come out of customizing retirement a few weeks earlier and got some made myself.

And to Darth and the kids above you have some amazingly creative kids and I am glad to see alot of people come together for a cause and it shows how things like Cancer can effect us all even when you wouldn't realise it. We aren't all toy collectors and customizers and photo novel writers here we are people and things hurt us and I am amzed to see the cooperation here for a good cause. *Stops the Tears*

Dave great job and Grievous and I cant name them all but the ewk was cool and the R2 and 3PO on card blew my mind. And all those droids man they come out the wood works on causes like this..

Great work everyone, Wish I could have joined but I might be a little late.

Darth Creatine (Jon)
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