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By DanOfTheDead

Been reading the comic since issue #1, and I think the series is off to a great start. Really like the casting and how it's both very faithful to the source material but not against throwing in some new material.

Very interested to see how far along into the comic plot the series gets, because it gets very, very bleak.
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By Paulskywalker
Sadly i wasn't able to see it's premier last week as i only have freeview, which is sad as i like zombie stuff. :cry:
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By LadyIrithyl
I've been reading the comic for a month now. I've just finished hardcover 4.

I was excited when I heard about the series, only learning of it two weeks prior to the first ep. Which by the way was really well done. The style and atmosphere was perfect. I'm glad they stuff close to the comic.

And on the other hand I am also glad that they are moving away from the comic as seen from last nights episode. While the new characters seemed generic, it certainly made for an interesting situation. And it really is going to let the series stand on its own.

I can believe there is only six episodes this season. Hopefully enough people will be watching so that they can pick it up for more.

Rick is spot on, imo.
By stroebel83
This show is great. I had no idea it was based on a graphic novel so I will have to check it out. First TV show I have actually been excited about since CW season 1
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By YAK_Chewie
I haven't read the graphic novels, but think I might pick them up... the whole idea of a TV show about zombies kind of seems risky, but it's so well done so far (saw the second episode last night) that I think it will continue past this season. I've really heard nothing but positive feedback on it, and I believe the ratings have been high.

What I liked so much so far, is that Rick really is a passionate person. He tries to keep in mind that these things were once people, and when he can show them respect because of that, he actually does. Like the crawler in the park, and the one he had to chop up...

Overall, I like this a lot. To me it's the most entertaining show since 24. I have always been a zombie fan, so this is really a treat for me, especially seeing that so far it's been so well directed and produced... good acting too.

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By DanOfTheDead
Heard it's already been picked up for season two with 13 episodes (as opposed to 6 this first season).

If you've never seen it, check out The Mist. Same director, based on a great Stephen King short novel (supposedly the story that inspired Half-Life). It's a really great, dark, sad monster flick. The Walking Dead is in great hands with Frank Darabont.
By zedhatch
Mist, dude he directed Shawshank Redemption too.

Loved it, caught it on Hulu finally, Been up for this since the announcement, I love the comic, literally I get the new issues and I say "WAIT" and am left alone for 20 min to absorb the new developments. The series hit and I am in awe of how wonderfull it is with just one episode.
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By LadyIrithyl
It was a really interesting episode. There are a lot of really complex characters. I'm glad that they are really focusing on the human side of the story. Instead of it just being about them fighting and surviving against the zombies.
By zedhatch
LadyIrithyl wrote:It was a really interesting episode. There are a lot of really complex characters. I'm glad that they are really focusing on the human side of the story. Instead of it just being about them fighting and surviving against the zombies.

You really need to read the comic, it's exactly like that.
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By LadyIrithyl
I have been. I just finished hardcover 4 as I belive I mentioned eariler.

I'm just happy they decided to stay with the substance over the flash of a zombie apocalypse. They kept the core of the story intake, which generally speaking does not always happen when things get adapted. So its a good thing creator stayed on to help adapt, and has brought about different and interesting new characters. Liking changing Carol.

They could have gone the other way and said hey, this is about zombies so lets have them eat everyone and make this into a true horror survival thing. Not that it would have been bad cause who doesn't like seeing a zombie feast happen, every now and again. lol
By zedhatch
I still say the show Jericho should have taken some advice from walking dead, would have been a better series for it.
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By DanOfTheDead
I actually picked up the first trade paperback even though I've been collecting since issue 1. Supposedly, issue 1 is actually worth something, especially with the current interest from the show. Trades are also immensely easier to lend out and read through... blew through the first arc yesterday, and its really interesting to see how similar the two stories are... while even minor changes to the order of events or characters can have huge ramifications on the plot.

One one hand, there's a LOT of bad stuff that happens in the series that I'd be really surprised to see make it on screen... on the hand, The Mist really showed Frank Darabont does not pull punches, at least in film.
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