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Guess I'll just chat with myself here, so here goes...

I really like where season is at right now - with Carol being kicked out of the group by Rick. I think he did the right thing, as if he didn't, Tyrese would eat her alive. And Rick also had to consider that she might even put his kids down if she thought they were a threat. So... sucks, but I thought that it was realistic.

We obviously haven't seen the last of her yet... I wonder what Rick's gonna tell the group. Darryl and Tyrese's reactions should be good.

Well - Season 5 is almost here.

I loved how Season 4 ended on the cliffhanger, with most of the group back together (as hostages), and Tyrese, Carol and Judith still "out there" somewhere. Wondering how this will all play out.

There's also a Season 5 trailer for viewing, which I just realized today.

Unfortunately, I can't the video to play there or off of youtube.

Anyone here see it?

After moving for school this year I don't have cable, so I missed out on the majority of the episodes. Thankfully my friend Matt has TV service, but after two weeks we didn't meet up on Sunday nights to watch...So neither us tuned in. :lol:
rc-1207 Sev wrote:if there is anyone still using this thread ( :lol: ) I'd love to hear peoples thoughts on the first half of season 5 and where you think they're gonna take it too in the next half ?

I loved the first half of Season 5.

Thought it was a nice "change of pace" and I don't recall anything like the first half of Season 5 actually being part of the comics...

Show picks back up on Feb 8... really looking forward to seeing what happens next.

Will Morgan be reunited with Rick? I hope so.

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