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definetley looks good! them taking the prison a block at a time will make for a very exciting season in itself, then add to that the mayor and people of woodbury, i have a feeling this season will be decidedly more action packed that the last season. i think im most looking foraward to seeing michones charecter develop as well as the scene with the crash and attempted recovery of the military helicopter, it'd be cool if there was atleast one military personel alice for a few minutes to give us some insight into the state of the government/military at this point in the story.....i really can't wait for the new season. im not much of a tv watcher but the walking dead and soa have both got me hooked! :D
Well, the taking over of the prisonwas fantastic! Some very good action, and I loved how they had a harder time killing the zombies with the body armor and helmets on! Very nice... and the one that Rick ripped off the mask! Damn!

Now... poor Herschel... felt bad, but saw that coming... ugh. I hope they pull a "comic book Dale" with him, and he survives the bite. Since they're all infected anyway, it makes sense if they save him. But the leg chopping? That was some graphic stuff man... I almost tossed my cookies.

And they gotta secure the rest of the prison, Andrea is in bad shape, Lori is about to pop, etc... man, I love this show.

Also, I was wondering why in the hell Hershel was with the group as well - it made no sense. It should have been Rick, Daryl, T-Dog and Glenn - and they should have tried to lure the zombies out instead... but hey, it's a TV show and even in real life, people do stupid things.

As for Hershel's leg, I'm assuming he'll live... in the books, one guy who does get bit in the jail does die... but also, Dale (who died in Season 2) was bit later, and they cut off his leg, and he lives - so who knows. I'm assuming Hershel hangs on for a while and gets a peg leg... but man that scene was brutal to say the least. I can't recall seeing anything like it on TV in my entire life.. and that chopping scene rivals, if not beats, anything I've seen in a movie. Holy ****.

They brought Herchel because he's got the infinate ammo cheat, remember the farm?

In all seriousness, Herchel has proven he is good with a gun so there is no reason not to bring him along.

I could spoil the leg thing, but I won't (Accedentally stumbled on a spoiler for the last ep of the season last night). I will say I was cussing when he got bit since it went down just like with allen (who bled to death, and I don't want herchel gone yet).

BUT in addition to the action I was SOOOO happy to see Axel joining the cast (The prisoner who said "Holy ****" at the end). He was a fun character in the comic and I bet he will be even more fun in the series.
Yeah, Axel will be a great addition, I'm glad he's going to be in it. It was great seeing the prisoners - seems like there's a few more on the TV show than in the comic, or is that just me?

As for the old man, I just don't see the benefit in sending him into those dark hallways where they have no clue what's waiting for them in there - he's the only doctor, and they need him for when Lori goes into labor. I'd think any father would be hellbent on making sure that Hershel is safe and able to help deliver the baby... plus that was the first time in the episode that Hershel jumped into the action - at the house at the beginning, he waited to go in until after it was cleared, and in the perimeter and the courtyard of the prison, he waited back. It just seemed odd to me, and the only reason they did it was to have a dramatic ending with someone getting bit, and to raise questions as to whether or not someone would be there to help deliver the baby or not.

Well, if you think back to teh bar, Herch showed he is pretty good with a gun, then again to the farm he whacked tons of zombies, in fact when I watched the repeat it looked like he smoked more zombies than anyone that night. I argue Herch is pretty BA, granted we tend not to think of him in that catagory, true, but he is much more than a "doctor" Also he was on the tower taking out zombies there too, doing a better job than Carl (and obviously Carol). Also, everyone stayed back at the prision, only Rick jumped in to the courtyard.

Being in the rear in a breach isn't a sign of being a weak member either. He was by the door, generally you want someone pretty good in the back in case something goes wrong and they can CYA. I bet they probably rotated on house breaches (Maybe Rick and daryl being the exceptions, but hard to say).
YAK_Chewie wrote:I'm not saying he's a weak member in terms of killing zombies, what I'm saying is he is more valuable as a doctor. Someone's got to deliver the baby, and if someone gets hurt in the group, he's the "go-to" guy.


I see your point there, still I just get the impression that everyone figured he could take care of himself.

Also, I could be mistaken but I think this is the first encounter with a "Lurker" in the sereis (a zombie that "plays dead" and only strikes when someone walks past, roamers are the ones moving around) which is another factor to consider. I was thinking back in the series and I don't remember an attack like that before (Although in the comic they were established very early on).
Regarding the lurker, the only thing that I can think comes close is when Rick first enters Atlanta, there's the ones on the bus that "wake up" and also the one in the tank when Rick grabs it's gun, it wakes up and he shoots it.

As for last night's episode, I enjoyed it quite a bit - I don't think I expected 3 of the 5 prisoners to already die, but I need to go back and read those comics I guess. I know they switch things up some... but I loved how Rick reacted when the punkass dude pushed the walker at him right after he swung and almost hit Rick with his weapon - dude got what he deserved. I was a bit surprised to see Rick leave the one guy out there to die, but it shows how Rick is evolving and becoming colder... look at how he's treating Lori now too, for example.

Also it was good to see Hershel recover, I had a feeling that was the direction they were going to take with that; like how Dale had his leg chopped off too in the comic and ended up on a peg for a while before his ultimate demise. I loved how he jumped and grabbed Lori too, that was fantastic - my wife screamed when it happened. :)

The thing with Carol practicing on a dead body to perform a c-section... oh my, that's just disgusting... so unbelievably nasty. I did like how you could tell someone from Woodbury was watching her... and it looks like next week's episode will be dominated by the Woodbury plotline... I kind of like how the chopper going down will be witnessed by Andrea and Michonne... maybe that means Rick won't lose a hand?

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