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Incom wrote:Is it me, or does this show restore balance every couple of episodes? I mean, seems to me there's only one black man alive at any given time.... :shock:

When I saw Tyresse I said Oscar wouldn't survive the ep, when he died my wife thought that must have been what happened in the comic LOL. I told her it's just teh way this show seems to be running. LOL
My theory on why they keep killing people is because in the books, Rick's group at this point isn't too big or strong - they are almost always outnumbered, so on the TV series they don't let the group seem dominant either.

The producers may also want to have a representation of other races on the show and are trying to represent the population of the state of Georgia to a degree (about 30% of that state is black), as that's where the location is set right now, while at the same time introducing new characters that are not in the books.

In today's politically sensitive society, maybe they're damned if they don't, damned if they do when it comes to race. When a white person is killed off, it's not talked about in terms of race (just like it really shouldn't be). There's really not too many black people in the comics anyway, and T-Dog never was even part of it. I liked his character though and didn't want to see him or Oscar die, but it's a show about death. A lot of people are going to die. Very few are safe regardless of their race.

I'm slowly getting more disappointed with the show. Right now there are parallels with the comic that seem like they went out of their way to tame down. The Woodbury arc is one of the most impressive things I ever read in comics and right now this seems on par with the remake of Nightmare on Elm Street. Watered down and much less than what the potential could be out of fear of offending people (yet ironically the most controversial elements is what made the comic series).
There are some elements too that I wish they'd follow more, but they are looking for a broader audience with television. So I can see why they are taming it down some because the main focus for AMC is viewership/dollars.

I do like how they are playing up the Darryl / Merle situation, which adds an element that the comics didn't have. But I also think it would have been good to have Michonne treated worse in Woodbury (or Maggie, I guess since they played that out differently).

I am however, pissed off at Andrea, and hating her TV character. She was such a better character in the comics... I love her character in the comics. Boy, she's pissing me off. Hopefully she comes to her senses. If not, kill the character off.

On another note, I'm glad that they haven't cut of Rick's hand. I hope that doesn't happen. He needs both, in my opinion, to really be effective in the TV series.

Oh, and Tyrese? What's going on with his group? Why didn't they even show up last episode? I hope they play that up soon. He was a great part of the comics. I'm annoyed with how they are handling that... I get the feeling though that Rick's going to talk with him, and trust him -- and let Tyrese lead the group for a while. At least that's what I want to see happen.

Still watching and loving this series, along with twelve other series :shock:

When I read your enthusiastic post on Tyrese appearing in the show, Chewie, I was a bit disappointed to see him leave so soon already. But, he's back, only now he's teaming up with Philip. Or so it seems.

Man, loved the way Andrea and the doc captured that walker. Immediately thought of American History X when she freed it from its teeth :) But she sure needs to act, because she's turning more and more into a blond Lorie. Please not that!

Again, this seemed like an episode that sets up things for future episodes. Can't wait for the next one though! Finally a couple of our heroes cornered by walkers again. Always fun to watch. And then there's that sniper up on the roof....
I liked last week's episode a lot - really aggravated that Tyrese and his group are joining Woodbury... what the hell? Ugh. I'm frustrated, but I have a feeling that once Tyrese figures out the kind of people they are, he won't be doing that. He might even get out of Woodbury and warn the prison of what the Governor's plan is... he seems extremely nice in the series, even more than he was in the books. The way Rick was losing it in front of them though, and how cool and collected the Governor is acting, I can't say it makes much sense for Tyrese's group to have any feelings for the folks at the prison though.

As for Andrea, she does seem to be starting to get some brains back about her, but now she's back at Woodbury and getting stupid again -- had a chance to do something about the Governor actually (and that was great what Carol suggested - she's really growing into an amazing character, btw).

And Merle... it would be nice to see him actually turn into a hero -- I get the feeling that his character "might" be starting to grow a heart some and being around Hershel is good for him. But who knows, he might just be looking out for his own ass. Either way, a great character and Michael Rooker has always been a damn good actor.

I like how Rick, Carl and Michonne are heading out on a run - this could be fun. The prison is cool and all but it's nice to see a break from it. And I'm looking forward to seeing who the sniper is too... I wonder what's going to happen? Will it end up being friend or foe?

The latest episode was a beauty, in my opinion. Very cool to see Rick, Carl and Michonne on their own and deal with the aftermath of the outbreak. Loved the fourth character in this episode as well (don't want to give anything away for those who haven't seen it yet). And that hitchhiker.... damn. Cruel world is all I can say.

I was very impressed with this episode. The song at the end is just awesome, too.
I liked the last episode too... was great to see them run into Morgan... though it did feel a bit weird for Rick's town to be so close to the prison and him not know about the prison before... however, it be several hours away... and with how things went after the farm, he probably didn't really know where the hell they even were.

Anyways, it was nice to see Morgan again but I had expected him to go back with the group (like in the books), but I seem to recall them reuniting with Morgan AFTER the group leaves the prison...?

Anyways the hitchhiker thing was very brutal... I expected them to at least talk to the guy. But I'm thinking with Carl around, Rick doesn't want to take any chances. Even though Carl is showing he is growing up fast and ablet to handle himself, the father in me thinks it kind of makes sense.

The preview for next week seemed to show Rick in Woodbury... and yelling at Andrea, something about how the Governor had promised to negotiate... man, Rick really seems to have made a mistake in going there if that's what's really going to happen.

Good episode last night. Definitely building up for a huge season finale.

Love how members of the Woodbury group, when interacting with Rick's group, don't seem to want to be at war with each other. Seems if you take the Governor out of the equation, there's a chance at peace. Obviously that won't happen and all hell is about to break loose, but I like the "what if" aspect they showed.

I don't like how Rick's contemplating giving up Michonne. That won't happen. Or at least, it better not. I'll be pissed if they go that route.

Oh, and Andrea's a total idiot. I get that she's trying to avoid a war between them, but I am so sick of her character. She really, really needs to have a breakout episode - looks like it could happen next week. I'm wondering if she might end up killing the Governor herself when Woodbury goes all out and attacks the prison.

It was an interesting episode, definitely all build up for the approaching war. I think there is a chance for peace, but I don't know how that'll work.

If Rick does kill the Governor, what'll happen to Woodbury? I wonder if Rick will take it over, stay at the prison or go back on the road. I can't see him leading the people of Woodbury, even if half of them die in battle. That's too much for him, especially with everything that's happened in his life. I think Andrea will take the lead at Woodbury if the Governor dies and she lives, she's great with the people and her humanity is in tact. I can't see her going back with Rick's group after the war, though I could be wrong.

And I doubt Rick will give up Michonne, but if he does I'm sure he has a plan in doing so. Some super cool Samurai assassination by Michonne or something. :lol: I guess we'll have to wait and see though.

And lastly, any ideas on who won't survive this season? I'm dreading it, but there will be some casualties on both sides from the war. I have a feeling Hershel and Merle are in danger, I like both of them but someone has to die, right?
I have a pretty good idea on who will die soon, based on the books... I don't know that I should post it who I think will still die this season, but the only characters at this point that I feel are safe for a while are the following:


I also feel Darryl is safe - he's a fan favorite/ratings booster. They will want to keep him involved.

Well, I was reading about some behind the scenes issues may alter the series once again. Apparently the Showrunner this season was fired (or quit, I can't quite get a clear picture) and instead of going two seasons with the prison arch they will wrap it this season.

I do feel the arch has been a pale imitation of the comic arch.

However I could see Woodburry subbing for Alexandria next season, but the indications are the group will be moving on (I figure fear the Hunters might be coming up soon next season, that could be cool).
Last night was fantastic and probably my favorite episode of the season (well, maybe the first couple episodes with the group taking over the prison were better). But damn. Andrea is finally out of her stupid funk.

It was great seeing her realize what's really going on here and wanting to get back to her true friends - and the discovery of the torture chamber was nice - though I was half expecting for the Governor to look up and see her and Milton watching him.

The tension of the Governor looking for Andrea was amazing - that was easily one of the best clips of the series in a while. And I love how she turned the tables on him and released the group of walkers onto him - very well played... now only if he had been bit, too bad.

It was a bit of an upsetting ending for her to get back to the prison but captured right before Rick could have seen her... that sucked. I think once Milton finds out she's captured, he'll inform Tyrese and something will happen there... and I'm kinda ticked that Tyrese is still in Woodbury, but other than that, great episode.

Oh - and the fried walkers still alive? That was just wrong!

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