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I am postin' this for the victim... Flint @ OG13...

I had promised the 3 3/4 inch set to my friend KushViper. I've known the guy for years, and he's a great guy who came down to the convention hoping that someone would want to trade with him. If anyone knows anything about me, like me, dislikes or whatever, I have no problem trading or outright giving people Joes to further the Community or to just make a die-hard collector happy.
So from what I am hearing is that another "collecter" put his box sets down next to mine and grabbed mine as well and took off.
Let's forget for a minute that there were apparently witnesses to this who didn't say anything, but hey, again, I know I wasn't exactly in a perfect frame of mind either. But what pleases me to no end is that there may be pictures of the incident taking place that are going to be e-mailed to me.

Now, what I am going to do with those pictures I'll keep to myself. But for example, let's say this thief runs a Gi Joe website that, I dunno, buys and sell convention exclusives, I might posts those pictures there, and on every other forum site I am a member of (and if I am not a member, I am sure that I've done enough for people over the years that they will be happy to do it for me).

So I want the set returned to me by the end of the week. I should have the pictures by then anyway - so Saturday could be an interesting day.

Let's see how this game plays out.

So when I tell you that someone stole the Oktober Guard Box set as we were paying for our other purchases, it's not that I am out the set. It's that this son of a b***h stole a set that was promised to someone else...KushViper.

And for the record, if any of you people buy an Oktober Guard set, ask to see the Certificate of Authenticity. I would suspect that if you buy it from a "reputable" dealer it will certainly be included. If not, drop me a PM on

ALSO THIS: I will pay $100.00 for each original photo of the a**hole seen stealing my stuff. I already know I have at least two on the way as of this afternoon. $500.00 upper limit - so three more pictures please.
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By jedistyle
im sorry to hear that sort of thing happened, i hope you make some headway in recovering you items. it's always disconcerting to hear things like this, being a collector can often times be a difficult hobby already with all the price hikes and exclusivity on many things with out having to worry about other people doing the worng thing and stealing from you....
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