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I know because it cuts down and speeds up the processof making prototypes and thus the cost, i can see in the future as they perfect it all and make it viable for mass production that as well as being able to buy say star wars figures in store you'll be able to download them on your own 3d printer too through an official purchase. I saw a site that showed a printed TIE Interceptor

I love reading about 3d printing, it's so exciting and has picked up a rapid pace recently and now bid business is getting involved things will speed up again. I remember being impressed about 10-15 years ago when i first heard about the 3d printer in a museum that was used to make exact replicas of artefacts, then it was as big as a table lol and now there about the size of a small tv lol. They remind me of Star Trek replicators, but that don't do food. :D
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