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By YAK_Jayson

The question is simple, yet the answer may be tough to put a finger on. What do you think was the best Star Wars collectable in 2013? Leave your candidate in our comments section or in our forums with a brief explanation.
It's not Hasbro that's for sure! Even though i don't have them in hand yet, i have to say Galactic Merchants dioramas. As they delivered what we've been asking for, for years.
By DeltaSev
I'm gonna have to say Darth Plagueis. I and many of collectors have been pushing for him for some time and we finally got him this year. As a figure, he is a win for his excellent soft goods and healthy amount of accessories and it very well embodies the character.
I think Paulskywalker is right on the money. My vote goes, without a doubt, to the Galactic Merchants diorama play sets.

Nothing else even comes close this year. These are so "outside the box" compared to anything we've gotten from Hasbro for our 3.75" line. No figure or vehicle in 2013 holds a candle next to these. We get dozens of new figures each year from Hasbro. We've been asking for dioramas/play sets for a long time now and have even mocked up things like this, but we have been ignored by Hasbro.

These displays are something that are new, fresh and exciting. Most everything else in 2013 has been pretty bland by comparison. This isn't even close for me. Galactic Merchants has achieved true greatness.



Honorable Mention - Ewok Catapult from Kmart.

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By JediMerc
I have to second Chewie on this: I haven't even received mine yet, but its easily the coolest-looking SW piece and most anticipated item for me this entire year. (I ordered the Tantive sets and now I wish I would've fronted the money for all of them!).

Shame on Hasbro for ignoring variety and quality; Galactic Merchants has earned my money for the foreseeable future!
Well those diorama's look good I should get some but I think the best thing I got was some leftover TVC figures my favourite being Aayla Secura and Bom Vimdin. for £4.50 each. I didn't get much because of the distribution but next I would say the 4 tBS figures I got-Vader, Padme, clone sergeant and Anakin but they weren't worth £10 each. Non star wars item would be my star trek ship collection which was worth it!- I can take photos if any one wants!
I've gotten back into collecting just a little bit and the figure that drew me back is the TVC Clone Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi. It's spectacular. I remember Chewie made a custom a few years ago using the Clone Wars version's body and that was really close to what H ultimately made.
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By Raylen
I'd say the best things were the Kmart exclusive sets. Too often the exclusive figure packs aren't that interesting. Like these TRU Geonosis packs. They're great for the one of every figure collector, but for the average person, they are BORING imo. The Kmart sets were right at a good pricepoint too. A $30-40 set is a little much for a bunch of boring or rehashed figures, but the scanning crew sets and even the Ewok set were just at the right price. They each had at least one new figure as well as a decent army builder character as well as a mid to large size accessory. A winning combination I think.
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My favorite item this year was the 6 inch black series Boba Fett. I like the detail on these guys. I really liked the K-mart Ewok Catapault as well for the collectability. I did not get the diorama's yet, otherwise that might be my favorite item.
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