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By surgeopressor
Currently, I am using a plain old spreadsheet to inventory my (modest) figure and vehicle collection. I try to collect data such as purchase prices, series, dates, item numbers, etc. It pretty cumbersome to maintain. In the coming year(s), we'll all be seeing significant expansions to our collections. I would really like a more robust/scalable system to make this process easier. Can anyone out there comment on if and how you keep track of your collections?
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By Paulskywalker
My method was backwards. I have word documents that contain lists of what i need and i deleted things off as i bought them. Not updated it in ages though.
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By The Professor
Paulskywalker wrote:My method was backwards. I have word documents that contain lists of what i need and i deleted things off as i bought them. Not updated it in ages though.

That's what I do. I organize by the movie each figure/character appears in.
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By Niktom
I use the Star Wars Collecting Database. It's put together by Todd Carlton who has published several collecting books... the "Super Collector's Wishbook" series.

You can download the program to your computer for free and try it out. The database is massive with information, pictures, variations. Easy to navigate once you get used to it. If you pay for it, you can keep up with your collection, information and even print out reports. The bulk of the work is already done for you. All you have to do is go in, click what you have, add to "your collection", enter what you payed for it and your done. It's also backed up on the internet in case you lose the data on your computer. People from all over the world have and do contribute to it constantly. It's updated once or twice a month with new items and some price adjustments.

Here's a screen cap of the interface. There's also a phone app.... absolutely great when out in the field and you need a price look up or quick info.


You can get the data base here...
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By Jodo
I've never catalogued any of my purchases, but I do have a "needs list" that I can reference like The Professor. I would never be able to remember any of the Astromech droids I need if I didn't document them!

It also makes it really easy to copy and paste the names of figures into eBay and stuff.
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By Niktom
I'll point to the Star Wars Collector Data base again. Can't even begin to tell you how helpful it is.

It has over 125000 items, most with pictures and detailed information on release, manufacturer, and value.
I just finished doing a complete inventory of my collection for insurance purposes and I have no idea how I would have done it without the database.

It's very easy to use and you are able to inter your own information, date purchased, price paid and then even generate different reports about your collection.
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