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Hello all, I've got a question for the collectors that have been at it for a long time because Ive only been collecting for 8 months or so. Like I said before, I've been a fan of the movies since 1977 but never collected until now. I feel that lucas films was genius to make 3 movies then wait 10 plus years for the second 3 and so on. This anticipation really added to the love of the films. Making films in succession for years on end cheapens the whole thing in my opinion. Now I've heard that disney wants to make a movie a year! With all this merchandise to buy and commercialism, I feel it will cheapen everything including the love of star wars. I hope they take breaks!!!!!!!!!!!! What do you guys think about this matter?
Its certainly a valid point - I was very excited for TFA, but not for RO so far. I don't think it will be a bad movie or anything, but the hype just isn't there - for the movie or the collectibles. I'm glad the SW universe was given new life with Disney, but I'm afraid of overkill as well... With a movie each year, collecting will never be the same - once a movie and its toy line are over, they'll promptly transition to the next.
Yeah...I'd say Lucas banked more on the products being successful, moreso than even the movies, so releasing the films a few years apart worked very well as far as that goes. With Disney behind the wheel, things are way watered down, and the market feels even more saturated than the PT. Like, for example, I can't stand Marvel movies usually. I think part of that reason is because so many come out. I think SW is joining those same ranks, slowly but surely.

Edit - Overall, I feel like Lucas went for depth, whereas Disney seems to be going for breadth when it comes to variety of figures.
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