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Today we lost everyone's favorite Princess. There's been multiple times today when I thought I was in a bad dream and I could just wake up, that wasn't so.

My dream of meeting Carrie, Mark, and Harrison at the same time will never come true, I really am crushed. Goodbye Princess, you are one with the Force, the Force is with you. You are one with the Force, the Force is with you. You are one with the Force, the Force is with you...
She's lead a rough life, and has struggled for a long time with addiction. I always assumed this explained why she was a little bit loopy in interviews. And it wasn't a total surprise to hear that she had been hospitalized. But she was a genuinely fun and kind woman, and it pains me to hear that 2016 has claimed one of my childhood crushes. I did not see her death coming at all. In fact, didn't the news papers say that she was in the hospital and in stable condition? So this death came totally unexpected.

I just hope they were already done shooting her material for episode 8, or that they'll find a tasteful way to film around her unfortunate passing. I'm kind of hoping that we'll still see her in episode 8 as a last salute. It would seem fitting.
I watched Rogue One again in her honor.

It's sad but I half expected it with her heart attack. I've seen a lot mentioned about her drug addiction but I think more attention should be made about her mental illness and her being an advocate for awareness. Many have such illnesses and little is done about it.
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YAK_Chewie wrote:Still really heartbroken over this.

No celebrity death has bothered me as much as this one.


Damn I know the feeling. Usually I really don't care about celebrity deaths, but really feeling bummed out about this one, it being so closely tied to my childhood. My fiance was teasing me about Leia probably being my first crush but that really isn't it (she wasn't, Sorsha from Willow was ;)). I feel like an old distant friend has left us.
JawaKing wrote:I am still really sad. I've lost something that is just gone. I've never felt so moved by the passing of somebody outside of my everyday world. I share in this community's grief.

I think I'm gonna watch A New Hope in memory of Carrie today. :D
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