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By huttman
Hello Yakface admins...As the subject says, there was, as of recently, a very nice list of links on the homepage and forums page. They have disappeared and I can understand if you cannot say for whatever reason they were deleted but can you say if they will be back? I have to admit, I always thought of this as my 'hub' of collecting website and I always ventured out from here to discover what others were offering. I have found so many other wonderful sites but I always come here first...please, if you can, bring them back!
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By huttman
I might have been wrong about the links being on the forums page as well...I find different devices, especially mobile ones, build webpages differently. That being said, on the full website that one would look at on a computer, the left column has internal links (Yakfinites/photonovels etc) and the archive link below that and below that was the list of other websites in alphabetical order that included from 4LOM to Zuckass, Imperial Shipyards, Jedi Temple Archives, Star, Rebelscum and such. The other website links are the ones I was looking for as it certainly was a convenient way to surf around. On my phone, however, that list was almost at the bottom of the site but it has vanished from there as well. I hope that helps.

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