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By Joosk
My rewrite of the Star Wars Prequels:
The Phantom Menace
Solving the Jesus like birth of Anakin:
First Syfo-Dias is actually Anakins father. 13 years before the birth of Anakin Syfo went on a mission to the outer Rim where through his gift of foresight saw the need to create the clone army. On his travels to the outer rim he stopped on a desert planet called Tatoonie. There at one of the local hang outs he met a young slave girl bartender under the ownership of Gardula the Hutt. Having some time to spare from his travels he spent several weeks on tatoonie getting to know this young bar maid Shimi Skywalker and having a romantic involvement with her.
Now the jedi code doesn’t allow for romantic involvements but he’s only human and this code has been broken by many jedi over the years so its not that uncommon for this to happen. After Syfo leaves on his mission Shimi finds out she is pregnant and tell Gardula Fearing a repriseal from the jedi Gardul sells Shimi to Watto a junk dealer on the other side of the desert. (Shimi was located in Mos Eisley and Watto was over at Mos espa quiet a distance away).

Qui-Gon Jinn Ben Kenobis Master problem:
In the old trilogy Obi-Wan clearly states that Yoda was his teacher and yes in the prequels it shows Yoda teaching all younglings but still doesn’t make sense.
We can keep the story line of the Prequels with the trade dispute and all that good stuff. What I would change is that Qui-Gon is a master and young Obi-Wan is a Knight instead of Qui-Gons padawan. This simple fix sending a master and a knight on a mission makes more sense that having ben as jins student.

Problem with Anakin’s age and Pademae’s age difference:

With using Syfo –Dias being Anakin’s father 13 years ago would solve this problem instantly making the two young lovers closer in age and not as creepy. Also making Anakin 13 also provides for a better look into how he turns later on I would make him a rowdy youth trouble maker with a good heart instead of an innocent child.

The problem with Midiclorans, R2-D2 & C-3P0:
Plain and simple just remove them completely. Instead of midicloreans I would just say Qui-Gon can sense the force within Anakin, I mean jedis are supposed to be keen on sensing things right?
R2 and C3P0 should have never been any of the prequels to think Vader doesn’t remember him having a protocol droid is just stupid it was the closest thing he made for his mother I mean come on. I would have instead showing the new models of the astromechs and had a cameo of R2 just not in story.

I will be doing more of the films and pointing out problems and fixes lol yes I'm bored
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By Trev
I see some of your points.

Personally, I like that C-3PO and R2-D2 have been a part of every film so far and I think it was necessary in the prequels, too. I thought Vader did see Threepio, but at this point, he's so far removed from his old self that it probably didn't affect him at all. If he continued on despite being the sole reason his wife died, why would this be any different?

As for Yoda and Obi-Wan, technically Yoda was his master. He would've taught him as a youngling, and he also taught him after Revenge of the Sith when he was learning how to become one with the Force after death. I don't think the Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan thing was confusing; if anything, it added an emotional depth to Qui-Gon's death and made Obi-Wan more empathetic to Anakin's emotions and lack of self-control.

I think your point about Sifo-Dyas is really interesting, though. I don't know how that would've worked out, but it makes sense and would've been a nice way to tie up all the loose ends. The whole Jesus-like "virgin" birth thing is a bit strange, considering Luke and Rey have come after him and are both kind of seen as what will bring balance to the Force. (This is, of course, all my own speculation in regards to Rey.)

This was an interesting read, though! Thanks for sharing! :)
By jorsupersid
Watching TPM other night it occurred to me that you could edit the alien dialogue and turn the reason for the blockade: into trying to force the gungan population (whom manufacture the battle droids) into submission of a total take over. The naboo are stuck in the middle (too complacent) and have to choose sides... Eventually...
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