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By Joosk
I am a huge fan of Ewoks. Although most might not like them I found them to be awesome as a kid but because of the supposed cute factor but because they actually made a difference in a battle outcome.
I have been trying to collect all the 3.75" ewok figures and catalog them and came across a couple with no names. I have done some research on the figures appearance and have found the names of these Ewoks.
1. Power of the Force : Complete Galaxy: Endor: Ewok with glider & Globe: Name: Taras.
Endor with Ewok.jpg
Endor with Ewok.jpg (56.76 KiB) Viewed 9445 times
Taras.jpg (39.29 KiB) Viewed 9445 times

2. Saga: Assult on Endor: Ewok with Attack Glider: Name: Tokkat.
Ewok with Attack Glider - Assault on Endor.jpg
Tokkat.jpg (20.3 KiB) Viewed 9445 times

Figures never produced:
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By darth_sidious
I like them as well, and years ago I campaigned to see more made, and Hasbro did an excellent job bringing us Ewoks I never thought would be produced, like Kneesaa for example. I'd really like to see a couple of characters from the Ewok tv movies before anything else from ROTJ though. Chukha-Trok and Kaink are at the top of my list. They released a generic Kaink in a Disney set, but not the full costume seen in the film. Both could use existing Ewok bodies, and simply be repainted with new accessories / clothing.
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By darthvlad
Now I've got a Golden Earring song stuck in my head. A bad ass theme song called Ewok Love.

Apparently, I'm missing those two examples of Ewoks.

I think Weechee was done already in the Vintage Collection... one of the Kmart exclusives. I could be wrong.
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By darth_sidious
There is an unreleased prototype of the animated Weechee, but not a modern realistic figure that I am aware of. There was an Ewok named Flitchee in the TRU exclusive Ewok set w/ Kneesaa, Teebo, etc. Or perhaps you're thinking of Widdle from the Kmart set?
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By darthvlad
I checked Jayson's trusty toy guide and Weechee isn't in either of the Scout or Catapult sets, so I misremembered it. I guess I have too many Ewoks I can't remember their names. And that's not a complaint. I enjoy them.

I'd love to see the pipe smoking Ewok and some more of the baby ones.
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By Joosk
Ewoks Produced

Teebo Power of the Jedi Saga
Kaink Star Tours Boarding Party (Mutlipack)
Wicket Power of the Force, Original Trilogy Collection. The Vintage Collection, Rebels Saga Legends. Endor Ambush,Princess Leia Collection
Chief Chirpa The Saga Collection
Romba 30th Anniversary Collection (2 Pack Graak)
Graak 30th Anniversary Collection (2 Pack Romba)
Oochiee 30th Anniversary Collection (Target Exclu. Battle of Endor Pack)
Leektar The Legacy Collection (with Nippet)
Nippet The Legacy Collection (with Leektar)
Nho'Apakk The Legacy Collection (with Paploo)
Paploo The Legacy Collection (with Nho'Apakk) Power of the Jedi (AT-ST w/Speedernike) 30th Anniversary Collection (Target Exclu. Battle of Endor Pack)
Warok The Legacy Collection (Battle for Endor Battle Pack)
Machook The Legacy Collection (Comic Pack Star Wars #94)
Kettch The Legacy Collection (Comic Pack Star Wars #94)
Keoulkeech The Legacy Collection (Comic Pack Star Wars #94)
Logray Power of the Force (Wicket two pack) The Vintage Collection Original Trilogy Collection (Endor Ambush)
Lumat The Vintage Collection
Widdle Warrick The Vintage Collection (K-Mart Exclu. Ewok Scouts)
Wunka The Vintage Collection (K-Mart Exclu. Ewok Scouts)
Chubbray The Vintage Collection (K-Mart Exclu. Ewok Assault Catapult)
Stemze The Vintage Collection (K-Mart Exclu. Ewok Assault Catapult)
Flitchee Discover the Force (Ewok 5 Pack)
Nanta Discover the Force (Ewok 5 Pack)
Kneesaa Discover the Force (Ewok 5 Pack)
Tippet Discover the Force (Ewok 5 Pack)
Taras Power of the Force (Complete Galaxy Endor)
Tokkat Saga (Ultra Figure Attack Glider)
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By Joosk
If anyone ever wants to create custom Ewoks from the Movie unproduced I have plenty of information on the ones not produced and pictures :)
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By reverendstrone
Love me some ewoks. :) I have been building a small tribe of them for my planned Forest Moon diorama. I've customized a number and bought lots of extras for the sake of making more. Joosk, I'd love to see some of your reference, please. I have been collecting some as well, though it's not well organized or curated.
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By Joosk
reverendstrone wrote:Love me some ewoks. :) I have been building a small tribe of them for my planned Forest Moon diorama. I've customized a number and bought lots of extras for the sake of making more. Joosk, I'd love to see some of your reference, please. I have been collecting some as well, though it's not well organized or curated.

I will put something together for you. Probably will be a PDF file though. I suck at customizing figures but can do cardbacks and things of that nature lol so I'm out of luck when I want a figure that was produced without paying and arm and a leg.
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By reverendstrone
Thank you. :) Don't go to any great trouble or anything.

You probably already have most of what I have in my collection, but I'll take a look and see if there's anything uncommon and will share it, here.
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By JawaKing
Anybody ever find a good pic of the Ewok called Oochee? Saw a poor-quality pic credited to this Ewok a few years back, but the blurry Ewok pictured could have easily been Tokkat or Wunka. Was Oochee just a creation of Hasbro? I do think there are a lot of Ewoks are getting confused in published pics. I do custom Ewoks regularly and frequently look at source material from the Web for inspiration. Even recently, I've seen examples of the Graak source photo being labeled as "Lumat" and "Teebo," as well as other inconsistent labeling with other Ewok characters. Even Hasbro has called the same Ewok by the names "Leektar" and "Keoulkeech," and then made a completely different Ewok with the latter name. Of course, Lucasfilm has backed the license-holders to whatever names they use or create. Do Kettch and Machook line up reasonably with any Ewok movie costumes that are not credited with different names? Even in good photos, some Ewoks can be hard to differentiate from others. Now, will the real Oochee please stand up?
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By darth_sidious
#162176 ... wokscouts/

Oochee and Wunka are the same character from what I can tell - the hood appears to be differently colored in various pictures. Hasbro made Wunkas hood too light, and the hood for Oochee too dark. Its either a miscommunication with LFL, or they changed the name for some reason. Personally, I feel Oochee was just a cheap repaint for Hasbro, they didnt make an effort to produce the actual character seen boarding the AT-ST.
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By JawaKing
That's what I was thinking.

Coloration of Ewoks can tricky, because the fur and hoods for each Ewok varies by photo. Logray, Teebo, Lumat, Paploo, etc. all show color variations depending on the photo lighting and quality. I think Hasbro guesses at actual coloration as much as we do. We know what Yoda's skin color is, but photos show it ranging from a variety of greens, to grey, to bluish, especially . I'd suspect most of the Ewok costumes no longer exist for Hasbro's reference. Remember- Is the coat blue or brown? It all gets speculative unless there is a prop or costume to check, and Lucasfilm is willing to show it. And I know longer remember where I was going with this rambling...
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By Utinniii
Just to be safe, make one of each variation. The more the merrier (in a vicious human-burning-alive kind of way).
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By JawaKing
That's the spirit! Fantastic idea, but who has time for that? Nobody :-( Hasbro has tried that paint-color variation stuff on us before. How'd it work for them? I don't know.

LOL- You know I like 'em vicious! I'll be posting one for Yakfinities this weekend. It is done, just have to get it photo'd and posted when I am home. No color variations planned (yet.)
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