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I would at least like them to reference what happened to Cindel after she flew away with Noah at the end somewhere else in SW, maybe The Mandalorian. I really did love those as a kid, a toy model of Noah's starship would be stellar. I was just fondly looking at the VHS I have sitting on my shelf.
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By JawaKing
Yes, it would be good to know what happened to Cindel, Noa, and also Teek back on Endor. I guess since the time period of the Ewok movies is kind of sketchy, it may be hard to place these characters back in the canon timeline. Published timelines (although no longer canon) place the time period of these movies to shortly before the events of ROTJ.
The events of ROTJ would suggest that the Ewoks would have eaten Cindel and family. And the story would have had to take place before the Imperial occupation of Endor, and the construction of Death Star II. It has been discussed at length what would have happened to Endor in the years after the destruction of the DS, and the scenario isn't good: Years of falling debris pummeling the surface causing earthquakes and wildfires, plus radioactive fallout contaminating everything and blocking the sun. Death and carnage everywhere. And even if all that didn't happen, the Ewoks would have been way too familiar with people to react as they do in the TV movies.
Anyway, I always thought that Cindel might become a freedom fighter or something, perhaps now against the First Order. Maybe a diplomat. But worse could have happened to her. Perhaps she harbored bad feelings about her family getting killed and being an orphan, and her anger drove her to be a mercenary or a bounty hunter, or lost and weak like a dancer (the negative connotation type of dancer, like a Hutt's slave girl.) But I hope nothing that bad. Maybe she just had a normal, quiet and boring life not interesting enough to tell.
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By Utinniii
In the EU, she was apparently mentioned as becoming a journalist.
In DiznEU, she is possibly Phasma. (Fan theory)
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By The Professor
That might be a fan theory about Phasma, but it isn't supported by the novel bearing her name in which she is a girl raised on a wasteland planet with her family. It's actually quite a good read and very different from most Star Wars novels. It's got a Mad Max feel to it.
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I did enjoy that one. It was a bit edgier than other SW stuff and gave some insights into the First Order.
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By Joosk
Lets not let the Ewok Love Die.... lol if anyone has any cool pictures of some of the unproduced ewoks could they share them? I am asking cause I would love some more projects with cardbacks to do and hopefully get some more custom figures done to add to my collection pretty please lol....
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