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By Utinniii
I decided I could no longer live in a world without a Destroyer Demon Ewok.


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By JawaKing
My life is complete now. I might die laughing soon. Thanks to all for the love and support.

Nothing will ever top this custom. It should have its own thread. I want to make one someday. is now the coolest site in the 'net for hosting these pics. There should be an award and cash prizes for this.

Utinnii has moved up the ranking, and is now my 23rd favorite human being.
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By Joosk
Looking to commission some work for custom ewoks. I would send the figures to you to be painted etc. if anyone is interested let me know plz.
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By EndorJunkie
Painted up one of the Animal Warriors of the Kingdom figures in green to make a generic dulok. I think it looks ok-ish for a generic dulok, but it also looks a little bit like it plans on stealing Christmas from the ewoks too lol!
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By JawaKing
Nice work! I like how the hair is distributed on the body. I bet that this is the closest figure out there for making a Dulok without having to do extensive sculpting.
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By EndorJunkie
I agree, so far this has been the closest "dulok looking" figure I can find that doesn't require extensive sculpting/reworking. The AWOK figures are actually pretty nice figures and they take paint incredibly well! I noticed the other day that they have recently started another kickstarter for a deluxe wave (gorilla and bear characters) and a few new standard sized figures. There is a "snarling mandrill" head with one of the figures that looks like it could make for a good dulok head.
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By Utinniii
Looks pretty good. I have to admit that even before I read your comment I thought "all he needs is a Sandy Claws cap and coat". Now I have the Aboo Dorez song in my head.

It needs some accessories stat!

I'll also be posting something here by the end of the week.
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By JawaKing
Great to have new things coming to see! I won't have anything new soon. I'm doing bigger, hairier things right now.
A Wookiee custom for Yakfinities.
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By The Professor
That blurrg is awesome! Great job. I thought it was so cool when they showed up on Ryloth in The Clone Wars.
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By Utinniii

I was making a realistic Numa for Yakfinities but I ran out of time.

Here is the dino I used.
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By JawaKing
wokling 3.jpg

I put this figure up for sale and remembered that I hadn't posted it here when I made it. I really liked this concept sketch by Joe Johnston, and wanted to recreate the character as a "movie-accurate figure." This was the result:

wokling 2.jpg
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