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By Lamename
Hello all,

I have an Episode 1 original VHS FULL lenticular prototype sleeve that was given to me by a 20th Century Fox executive back in 1998-1999. A very small quantity (50 or less) were made to show Lucasfilm what they would look like, but they were deemed to be too expensive and were scrapped. To the best of my knowledge, only two survived while the rest were destroyed.

This is NOT the lenticular wrap around that was used for the clamshell version later on, but a full 5-sided lenticular paperboard sleeve with simulated motion on all sides when tipped. The artwork/photos and title are from the movie, but the final text on the back was not yet determined, so they used "greeking" instead (simulated gibberish, with a few recognizable/laughable words thrown in throughout).

Has anyone heard of this before or seen it, and would anyone at all venture a guess as to the value of such a rare item?
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By Lamename
Here are some so-so pics - hard to photograph a lenticular and make it look good. I have some side-by-side references to the final store version as well.

*** UPDATE ***

Trying to post the pics - they seem to attach/upload (watching the green bars), but when I submit, they aren't showing. Are pics/attachments allowed in this particular forum?
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By Lamename
OK - after shrinking these pictures WAY down, here are a few shots of the front, close up of the back, and side-by-side comparisons with the final product that Lucasfilm approved. I'll do this in 5 pics, three posts. Remember, this is a FULL lenticular on all sides, on heavy card stock, and would have been extremely expensive for the final product in large quantities (so I really do understand why they opted for a standard sleeve after this).

As this is a lenticular that moves/changes as your viewpoint changes, I apologize for the pictures appearing fuzzy. The sleeve is actually pristine, and vibrant, so don't be swayed by the camera not being able to capture this. Also, note the "greeking" (imitated text blocks) used on the back in the close-up photo. Funny stuff...
EP1 lenticular front.jpg
Lenticular sleeve front
EP1 lent vs normal front.jpg
Lenticular front vs standard sleeve
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By Lamename
Last pic with a close up of the mock text for the sample....

Also note that the lightsabers move in each pic, and the side version acutally ignites from the handle up.
EP1 lenticular mock text back.jpg
Lenticular back text
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By The Professor
That's pretty cool. I've never seen anything like that. I have no idea how much it would be worth, but I'm sure there probably are collectors who would be interested.
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By Lamename
Me either, and unless someone in the Lucasfilm approval area kept a prototype, the only ones still around belong to a former Fox VP and the one that he gave me (I used to work for Deluxe, and later Technicolor - manufacturing and shipping the home video movies out for Fox). The same Fox VP was actually given a special version of the large Sideshow premium Chewbacca figure a few years later for the successful launch of the complete double trilogy on DVD (work that WE actually did, but he was rewarded for it - imagine that). This special version came under a glass dome with an engraved "thank you" plaque attached. (the consumer version of the figure is shown below).

We did get prototypes of some of the first Animated Clone Wars 3pk figure sets to test in our automation - I'll have to look around to see if I actually ended up with one of the plain white boxed samples that I can share too.
Chewbacca Sideshow premium edition (not the thank you edition)
Chewbacca.JPG (33.57 KiB) Viewed 1905 times
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By Lamename
Anyone else out there have one of these VHS prototype sleeves or ever heard of it before? Other than the Professor, haven't heard anyone chime in since I was able to upload the pics in a smaller format.

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