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By YAK_Chewie
I don't know that we have a pets thread, but thought we should start one and dedicate to pets that we love.

At age 40, I had to personally put down a pet for the first time tonight, and it really sucks. Her name was Angel, she was 16 years old and was the sweetest, most innocent dog I've ever been around.

She had glaucoma, and had recently become anemic, and was starting to have issues with her pancreas and liver. She was having trouble absorbing nutrients from her food, and was beginning to shows signs of being in pain. So tonight was the night. Here she is about 5 minutes before the vet gave her a shot. We had several tests run tonight, and realized it was the right thing to do at this time for her.


I've lost other pets growing up, but there's something different I guess when you are the one making the decision and holding her when she gives her last breath. Really hard.

Well, hopefully someone can reply this with a more positive picture or story because this thread isn't meant to be a downer, and now I regret not starting this thread a long time ago when I had something more uplifting to share.

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By Utinniii
I'm sorry to hear that Chewie.

I went through the same thing with my Misty-moo, only my parents were on vacation when the cancer prevented her from walking. I had to take care of her for a few days longer than I would have liked, although she was still pretty happy in the end and knew she was loved.


Scientists have done studies and the human body chemically/emotionally reacts no differently with pets/children so their loss is no easier than losing a (human) family member.

The upside is that unlike humans, pets are replaceable. After some time to mourn we got Pixie-poo and despite thinking Misty would never be replaced, Pixie has become a treasured family member.


So sorry to hear about losing Angel. She looks like she was a real sweetie.
I would like to share a picture of my dog Boomer. Boomer is an 8 year old Puggle. We got him five years ago from Craigslist. The person that we got him from took the dog from someone that was going to just abandon him. The guy didn't even know the dog's name or anything else about him. We named him Boomer. The first year that we had him, he was real skittish of my wife like she was going to beat him or something. Thankfully he learned to trust her and he's been a great dog ever since. Oh sure, he can be a real jackwagon sometimes but we still love the guy. Being eight years old he's beginning to show some signs of aging. He doesn't move as fast as he used to and doesn't like climbing stairs. He has me so trained that I carry up to our bedroom so he can sleep by our bed every night :wink:
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I'm so sorry for your loss, buddy. That is a tough call to have to make. I have been there, too. We have always had lots of pets in our family, and seeing them go is never easy.

Most recently we adopted an ex-racing greyhound. Her name is Zeva and she comes to us having had to be rehomed after her owner could no longer care for her due to failing health. We have had Zeva a year now, and at ten-years old, she is already an old greyhound, so we know we won’t have her for a long time. They typically live to between twelve and fifteen. Fortunately she is in great shape right now and still loves to run for fun, so she gets us out every day for stroll sand we meet up with other greyhound owners in weekends to let them play together off leash. My goodness, she is so freakin' fast, even in her advanced years. She is the gentlest, sweetest little soul, and my heart has been completely stolen.

It’s funny, having never had a greyhound, I always thought they were strange looking, but now that she’s ours, I think she's the prettiest, most elegant animal there is, and every other dog looks strangely short and stubby to my eyes! :D


Hanging out in the back yard.




On a walk with some of her friends.
Good topic but sad story, CHEWIE. I'm sorry for what you had to do; my sister recently had to put down her 12+ year old poodle. I'm hoping you and your family are coping well.
Those are some great stories and love the pics. Sad too for those that have lost a pet, it sucks.

We still have one Shitzu, she is also 16 years old. Her name is Rosie. She seems to be doing pretty well so far. I've tried to convince my wife that we need to get another small dog to keep Rosie company but my wife isn't ready to do that just yet.

I had two awesome Chows when I was younger, their names were Kirby and Puckett. I'll see if I can dig up a pic or two of them. Puckett died in December 2004, and Kirby in May 2005. Kirby was 12 years old and Puckett was 10.

Had tons of cats too when I was a kid - like close to a dozen. And I'm allergic to cats! But my parents had 4 acres and most of them lived in the garage. One of them lived to be 20 years old (indoor cat) which was pretty amazing.

Wait, so who in your family is a MN Twins fan, or is there a link to the Great Northern State with the names Kirby and Puckett?

We adopted a kitty a couple years ago, Tinkerbell. My wife caved in to our kids' demands. :D If only she were that easily persuaded when it comes to Star Wars toys. Tink is cute, kind of social in the way of I like to be around you but please don't touch me. My kids still don't understand and respect that at times.
Ugh... so I'm going to have to broach the topic of losing a pet to my kids. Our kitty is healthy, but there was a kitty at my in-laws that they loved that hung out at their summer house (she was a neighbor's). Sounds like she was chasing a mouse or something and ran into the street only to get hit by a car. She was an adorable kitty. It's just sad thinking about it.

I just think the issue is when to talk about this in the timeframe of the day.
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I hate hearing about putting dogs down. My dog is pushing 12 I know he is getting older and I am absolutely dreading the idea of having to put him down. He's a German Shepherd/boxer mix. I also have a husky/rotty mix. They have never chewed on any of my Star Wars stuff, but there was a period where the husky mix was obsessed with chewing on window sills for some reason.
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