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By surgeopressor
Hello Yakface community. I've been a Star Wars fan since my childhood in the early 80's, but only started collecting as an adult just over a year ago. When my son finally got to watch the original and prequel trilogies for the first time, he was instantly hooked. While innocently searching/shopping for a few figures and vehicles for his first "Star Wars Christmas", I got hooked on collecting. A year later, I've found myself with 4 full display cases and rapidly diminishing storage space!

So far, my collection seems to favor vehicles and figures from the animated Clone Wars line, both Tartakovsky and the TV series. But, I tend to pick up anything so long as there is good facial sculpt, decent articulation, and screen accuracy involved. Recently, I have taken an interest in the Black Series line.

I hope this forum will be a resource to help me find any obscure or technical details about figures and vehicles. I'm also trying to find creative ways to sustain my collection without breaking the bank, so I'll be looking to trade and sell.



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