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By Stark77
Hey there, folks. Greetings from Florida. Been a Star Wars nut for the last 28 years - starting with the Star Wars papercraft book i stole from kindergarten class ( I made the sandcrawler, but can't remember any of the other ones in it). Anyhow, I have a massive collection of unopened (mostly mint/vg) 3.75's going back from original kenner potf to the more modern green and red cards. Missed the boat on Vintage Collection 3.75's but have the bulk of the vehicles MISB - including the sweet Hasbro/Amazon Millenium Falcon in vintage box and the Hasbro AT-AT. I got really back into things with the new 6" TBS - I have them all along with preorders for the next 2 waves. Wife is supportive of my sickness ans got me the SDCC Boba and Jabba (damn, I love that salacious crumb) for Christmas. Hopefully our 14 month old girl will blossom into a fan - while ignoring the existence of episode 1 - and reenact galactic villainry with me from the bins of damaged but unopened items. I saved these in hopes of passing them on to my future progeny.
Anyhow, I also collect G1 transformers and G1/vintage reissues from the more modern era.
I'm only allowed 2 walls in the home office to display my goods, so, unfortunately, most of my goods are in climate controlled storage in weathersealed containers.
My other collections include assault rifles (have my FFL from ATF), WW1 and WW2 rifles and pistols (and one SMG) and soviet bloc Paraphernalia.
Other hobbies include saltwater reefkeeping and drag racing....I'm on lots of forums, subsequently....

I hope to learn more about collections and collectors here and have enjoyed checking out some of the customized figures. I'd eventually like to make a diorama once I have more freetime (the baby tries to eat anything it can grab, so much of my attention and free time is needed).
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By StooperZero
You'll fit in fine here.

Same deal , if im not customizing something or searching the world over for vintage figures I'm usually rebuilding WW2 machine guns into their new neutered 'semi' versions.

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