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By RTripp
I'm new here, hello!

Have been buying toys since my son was young, which was just before the prequels. Before that I of course had star wars toys in my youth. I'm old enough to have seen Ep 4 in the theater, but I was only 7 at the time. When they started releasing new figures when I was a young parent, I bought lots of them, but unfortunately because we played with them many are lost, damaged, or modified. I had also bought some original stuff via ebay, but again, mainly to play with, so it's all opened, used stuff that I generally buy.

Recently have been getting into rebels, and excited or TFA, so started getting into it again. I got one of the cool new $12.99 lego sets to start...the one with the black troopers. I love how these new sets come with 4 figures.

Then I scored some these great figures below at my local pawn shop, who had a bunch of stuff in a box. could not pass these up for $5 each, and they threw in the jawas since they were in a ziploc with no price attached. Same ones we used to have, but I think were lost, so it was a very good day. Asohka, Aayla, and my fav Aurra Sing. $5 each in the package! I opened them of course.

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