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By bwh1138
My name is Brad Hall I lived in Terrell, Texas and have been a Star Wars fan ever since I saw it on the big screen in 1977. My mother took my sister and I to see Star Wars at Northpark Theater a week after it debut; Like many of you I was blown away at what I was seeing and was hooked right then and there. From that my obsession with the toys started; every Christmas and birthday I asked for Star Wars stuff...figures, ships, posters, comics you named it I wanted it.
These days my collection is a bit more selective. My collective interest today are the old Marvel comics, the original movie posters, and trading cards. I look forward to meeting and talking with other Star Wars fans!
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By The Professor
I'm always a little jealous of people who got to see the originals on the big screen. Luckily I had a chance with the special editions. Here's to hoping there are new theatrical releases at some point. I hope you're enjoying your time here at Yakface![…]

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